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JFK, Flight 800 Coverups Real

New information suggests that powerful individuals were involved in a coverup of the JFK assassination that led to the Warren Report's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing the president. In addition, former NTSB investigators have come forward to demand that the Flight 800 case be re-opened, stating that the plane was shot down by a missile, and that the CIA lied when it claimed that a fuel explosion was responsible.

Phillip Shenon, a former New York Times reported and the author of the Commission, a critical look at the 9/11 Commission Report has a new book coming out on October 22 claiming that powerful people influenced the Warren Commission's report. Little Brown's description of the coming book says, "drawn from years of research and interviews with 'primary and insider sources,' the book looks at the work of the Warren Commission." The book is said to answer 'many of the questions that have haunted a nation for 50 years,  in spite of the powerful individuals who did their utmost to prevent the discovery of what really happened.'

As reported on Unknowncountry on June 19, former NTSB and TWA crash investigators have demanded that the Flight 800 investigation be reopened because they feel strongly that the story that the plane's fuel tank exploded is false, and that, during their investigation, there was clear evidence that it was shot down by a missile.

At the time of the incident, there were unconfirmed reports that Pierre Salinger was waiting for documents that were on Flight 800. Three months after the crash, he made international news when he claimed that the flight had been shot down by a missile.

"He was an idiot," said Bob Francis, the former vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. "He didn't know what he was talking about, and he was totally irresponsible."

Salinger's name became a byword for the process of falling for an internet hoax, which came to be known as "Pierre Salinger Syndrome." Now it seems that this is another example of skillful social engineering compliments of the CIA. They are skilled at using laughter and derision to give the truth the appearance of being something foolish.

Was Salinger waiting for documents, and did they have anything to do with the Kennedy Assassination? Was that why he was so sure the flight had been shot down? A few years ago, the only answer could have been, 'we'll probably never know.' Now that's not so clear. We may be about to at least find out a little more.

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LOL - when in doubt, recycle.

A close friend who is an airline captain, said that the wiring to the fuel tansk was frayed on that paticular vintage of aircraft. When I asked if they looked at all the fuel tank wires of that paticular year as a precaution, he claimed that he didn't know.

That would be the simple solution to this consprisey.

I haven't heard of any fuel tank explosions or frayed wiring inspections since then...have you?

My biggest problem with the "Investigation" of flight 800 was that it was taken over by the FBI and CIA. Plane crashes dont get investigated, generally, by anyone other than the NTSB So why were they told to back off ? In fact they were totally kicked off the investigation if memory serves me. How many other "Crashes" has this happend with?
All I have heard from airplane mechanics is that this whole thing was a big lie and basically impossible.

As a P.S.
As to WHY it was shot down has always been a mystery. Also , what happend to all of those witnesses that claim to have seen a missle then an explosion? They were on the news the night of the "Crash" but then disappeared.

weirdest thing i heard re this crash was from preston nichols of montauk project fame who said it was shot down by a land based scalar/beam weapon mixed with a warhead. its pretty convoluted: 'TWA FLIGHT 800 -- WHAT HAPPENED
Intelligence reports passed through Preston Nichols have confirmed the following regarding TWA FLight 800. It is officially considered a rumor. On the date of the crash, miliary maneuvers were being conducted in the vicinity of Center Moriches. A low flying (tactical) nuclear missile, which was deactivated, was discharged in simulated battle from a low flying plane. It was aimed at a heat-generating target which was trailing behind a C-130 airplane. The heat generator ceased to function whereupon the missile locked in on Flight 800. The missile was designed to circle above its target. It was never meant to hit anything. In the midst of these errant maneuvers, the particle beam at Brookhaven Labs activated the nuclear mass in the warhead by supplying neutrons to make the nuclear mass go critical. Quite simply, it was the particle bean which set off the nuclear device. Of course, when a nuclear blast occurs, it leaves a residue of radiation. This explains why debris retrievers were seen wearing radiation suits.
"Hit" scenarios have been speculated on with regard to French intelligence agents being aboard Flight 800, but these are not confirmed by our sources. Additionally, green streaks have been reported over Long island by many different pilots. it is becoming old hat. These green streaks are caused by atmospheric reaction with the particle beam . While we cannot prove to you the above occurred it is an entirely plausible answer. The fact that the media won't pursue any of these leads says the whole story.
Copyright ©1997 Peter Moon and Preston Nichols. '

I was shocked by the lack of media attention to the problems with the JFK story. For example, members of the Warren Commission came out a few months ago to say that it was a poor job and should be revisited. Practically the only story I saw about this was ours:

Just another example of how totally the big media is controlled--not, I think, by actual censors, but by the self-censorship of misapplied skepticism and a herd mentality, and I suspect that, over the years, many government operatives have been fed into media organizations, who spin stories their way.

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