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Italy Says No to GMO Corn

The Italian agriculture, health and environment ministries have signed a decree banning the cultivation of a type of genetically modified corn, known as "YieldGuard," citing the crop's possible "negative impact on biodiversity." The corn has been modified to resist insect infestation.

Agriculture Minister Nunzia De Girolamo said, "It is a measure that protects our specificity and safeguards Italy from standardization. Our agriculture is based on biodiversity and quality."

Italian farmers have already largely rejected GM corn: Nearly 80% of Italians are in support of a ban, according to Italy's biggest farmers group. According to official data, there was no GMO cultivation in Italy in 2012, a country fiercely protective of its agriculture, although some pro-biotech farmers have planted individual crops in recent months despite the widespread opposition.

France put in place a similar temporary ban on GMO corn last year.

YieldGuard corn is produced by ballistically transforming another corn line with a plasmid containing cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter and hsp70 maize intron sequences. These induce the Cry1Ab gene which then encodes for powerful toxins that cause cells to burst. The toxins destroy the midgut of insects, causing them to die.

Unlike the United States, in Europe foods containing GMO elements must be labeled so that consumers can make a decision about whether or not to buy and consume them.

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Good job, Italy! :) I am so proud of you for making this decision on the behalf of common sense. May Ceres and Mars praise you all.

Too bad the USofA can't "Just Say No"

BRAVO, Italia! THAT's the way to stand up to the insane, profit-driven policies of Mega-Agriculture! Now if only the American people would WAKE UP and put an END to this self-destructive manipulation of our food supply via influence-peddling, bribery, lobbying, and slipping Big Ag stooges/lackeys/minions/fools/greed-meisters, etc. into the decision-making process.
Is there any hope at all?

You won't find GMO food in any stores here in Denmark. People don't want it so the stores don't have it. Simple as that.

The current battle to label GMO foods in the USA is becoming a state's rights vs federalist issue. Some states have already passed GMO labeling laws that would go into effect only if a threshold of other contiguous states also pass such laws. This has gotten the industry running scared. They are currently proposing a federal law to ban states from passing GMO labeling laws. I imagine this must put conservative state's rights advocates who may be pro-GMO in an awkward position. To me, if such legislation is passed against the states and the people, then where does that leave the Constitution? Who does it work for? In the end we will only have the right to say that we have the best constitution money can buy.

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