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Recurring UFO Taped in Denver

TV Station KDVR in Denver was given a video of a UFO by a local resident, who told them that he was taking the images on a regular basis in the area. The station sent its own cameraman to the location and was also able to record the object.

An aviation expert has confirmed that it is not a plane, a bird, an insect or any known form of aircraft. It moves so quickly that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. It appears to be landing and taking off in Denver on a regular basis. The object has been dismissed as an insect, however it moves across the field of view on the same approximate trajectory each time it is recorded, has been observed by a professional who declares that it is an unknown, and has been filmed at the same time by two cameras, one of them being controlled by a professional. While an ordinary explanation is always possible, the plane, bird and insect theories remain unproven.

Recurring UFOs are unusual. The most famous case was the Camarillo UFO, which appeared around Thanksgiving in Camarillo, California for six years between 1996 and 2001. Subscribers can listen to Dr. Roger Leir discussing the Camarillo sightings in our December, 2000 archive.

I don't understand why this can't be a I go again in what looks like debunk mode...but there were many of the clips in that video that reminded me exactly of how garden flies behave...

...then there is the issue of the depth of field of the camera. If there is plenty of light around and the iris on the lens has opened up to say F/11, then everything from a couple of metres out to infinity will be in focus....which gives plenty of scope for an insect to get into the field of view.

It will take a lot more investigation of this one to get me any more interested. If it is so easy to capture on film, then let's do some proper scientific analysis on this one and get multiple cameras set up pointing in the same direction....or better still an HD 3D camera, which would allow us to determine how far away from the lens the object is...thereby absolutely eliminating the possibility of insects.

What's your betting that never gets done?

Perhaps it is a remote control gizmo operated from one of the homes in the neighborhood. I believe she mentioned it was happening at 12-1PM a couple times a week makes me wonder if someone is doing it on their lunch hour. Of course, it's speed is extreme and it doesn't have obvious wings, so if a piece of human gadgetry, it would be very interesting to learn how it operates. What bothers me about it, is it doesn't appear to behave like the 'typical UFOs' we've come to expect. It's truly odd.

Regardless of what they say, to me it looks like insect activity closer to the camera. I like one commenters idea of a 3D camera but instead of that just 2 hd cameras at once from an angle to the action. Maybe 10 ft apart and angled in. That could be more easily set up than a 3D I would think.

I've had a good look at the video attached to this news item and I have to say that to my mind, many of the snippets still look like an insect. There are a couple of others that don't, however, which appear to me to be tumbling objects of some kind.

In the report, they say "don't say it's a bug!"...Why? Because an aviation expert can't identify it? I am sure he is a perfectly honest professional with many years experience but he is not viewing these objects with his own eyes. He is not seeing them from a plane, or through binoculars from a tower...he is seeing through the medium of digital film, which as always has refresh rate, smear and resolution issues.

Secondly, that these objects were filmed concurrently with two cameras is excellent but without knowing the precise location and angle that each was pointing, it is impossible to determine the distance of the object from either camera. My suggestion of a proper experiment still stands. If this is a genuine repeatable occurrence, it will stand further scrutiny.

I am not saying that I discount the possibility that this is an unknown craft far from the camera...I hope it is...I find the prospect quite exciting...but the sceptic in me is still shaking his head.

Removed repeated post :-)

This might sound simple, but it has to be easy to find the exact spot these things were taking off from. Why not locate the exact place and see what's there and who knows anything?

Can't view this video. A message comes up saying it has been removed by the user.

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