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Incredible UFO Photo Stolen by Government

UFO investigator Nick Pope says that the best photo of a UFO ever taken was snapped in Scotland, but government officials confiscated it and shredded it. It showed a diamond-shaped metallic craft about 10 feet in diameter and there seemed to be military jets in the background.

The Daily Record quotes Pope as saying, "This was easily the most compelling UFO photo I've ever seen in my life. It went to the technical specialists at the Defense Intelligence Staff and elsewhere. Their results of the analysis were that this was a real thing--it wasn't a faked photo.

"When the Ministry of Defense declassified and released its UFO files, which is an ongoing process, those photos and the copies that had been on my wall had mysteriously disappeared. I suspect that certain people thought that this was some secret prototype aircraft, a next-generation stealth that maybe nobody should be seeing. And maybe somebody quietly put it through the shredder and thought they were doing us a favor."

We're happy to announce that Nick Pope (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) will be our special guest at our Dreamland Festival in May, where he'll be searching the skies for UFOs, just like everyone else. Join us! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to that show, too, and they'll ALSO save 10% on Festival tickets).

Interesting sory but what is the point when there is no picture to see, we can only take his word for it.

You just answered your own question with the phrase "interesting story". THAT'S why it was posted. As well, why would Pope lie about something like this, considering how commonplace the disappearance of material like this is?

I am a subscriber. I cannot find the show. Please provide a link.

I am a subscriber. I cannot find the show. Please provide a link.

Nick Pope has actually been interviewed here a number of times over the years, so there's actually quite a handful of shows available. Make sure you're logged in, click the advanced search icon (magnifying glass with a "+" sign, at the top-right of the page), then enter "pope" in the search field and tick off what show series you want the search to look through.

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