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If You Visit China, Don't Eat the Food!

The Chinese may not need to wait 20 years for smoking or asbestos to kill them--FOOD may do it much sooner! They've sent some pretty bad food over here, but the things they feed their own people are much worse: they include glow-in-the-dark meat, recycled cooking oil collected from sewers. A recent survey revealed that one in 10 restaurants use the recycled oil, even though it contains a carcinogenic fungus. There is also "soy" sauce made from human hair that is swept up from salon floors.

In the June 27th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Barbara Demick describes a wedding celebration during which all the guests had to be taken to the hospital due to eating pork contaminated with a steroid that makes pigs grow faster and leaner. When eaten by humans, it can cause heart palpitations, nausea, convulsions, dizziness and vomiting. Farmers in one province said their watermelons exploded "like landmines" after they mistakenly applied too much growth hormone to them in order to make them grow bigger. Other farmer feed farmed fish birth-control pills so they'll mature faster.

Laws have been passed against this kind of food tainting, with some people even getting the death penalty, but most people are never caught and cheating is more prevalent than ever, since inflation is high, make food expensive. Demick quotes food scientist Luo Yunbo as saying, "On the one hand, ordinary people pay more attention to food safety and nutrition, but on the other hand, whenever you see a big crowd at the market it is because something is on sale."

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I dislike the way the FDA often operates and the inadequacy of the USDA. But to anyone who thinks we should throw out the baby with the bathwater by getting rid of them altogether, I can only say, "Read this!"

I find this information pretty dubious, especially in light of how the food in the good old USA is increasingly adulterated in many, many ways. You just don't read about that in our controlled media situation. However, pointing fingers at China certainly fills a lot of propaganda needs, now doesn't it?

My husband travels to China twice a year. I've been there once myself. The Chinese value fresh, fresh food. When you have fish, you choose it out of a tank of live fish and eat it minutes later, for example.

My husband has far more trouble with food here. He begins to gain weight and not feel as well. Can you say High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is nearly impossible to avoid, as well as growing amounts of GMO hidden everywhere, and the list goes on. Have a peek at Jeffrey Smith's information about GMO for example. Not to mention soy, pesticides and our own troubles with antibiotic overuse, etc.

AWWW that just truly reeks! How utterly disgusting.

All elements of society are affected when you live in a culture fascinated with death and superstition. Americans don't live "real" lives, they exist in a sleepy, myopic day-to-day drug affected existence. I'm amazed as an adult at the extent to which our culture just seems to drift along with no thought for tomorrow or where it is headed - at least that's how it appears on the surface. Maybe it's actually much worse, when will they wake up? It seems very unbelievable that intelligent people can act in such a way. Sad, really. It seems as if all facets of existence have to be affected by a culture that worships technology. It's sad that all the good things on/in the earth have to be played with to make them "better" or "improved".

This is another example of why it's so critical for people to think about "food security". This is why I read a LOT about homesteading (in the city for now) and- raise my own chickens for eggs, berries, summer veggie garden, planted 2 fruit trees when we needed trees, etc. I'm starting canning this summer, to have more control over what's is my food, making more breads, etc. from scratch. We can all do what we can, or complain about it. I still hope to move to a more rural area, but for now there's LOTS you can do in the city, for little money...

Don Riso, the author and theorist behind a number of books on the Enneagram of Personality, nearly died from eating farmed Chinese seafood during an extended trip there. It was contaminated with arsenic from the feed used in the farms. He did die some time later, weakened by the arsenic poisoning.

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