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If Warp Drive is Possible, Visitors are Here

Scientists ignore the evidence of visitors to our planet on the assumption that the distances between stars are so great they they could never get here, but new research suggests that something like a 'warp drive' may be possible. If so, then the argument is over. The overwhelming evidence of credible UFO sightings and witness testimony must be taken as serious evidence of an alien presence. In 1994 physicist Miguel Alcubierre published a paper entitled "the Warp Drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity." The paper proposed that a space ship would not accelerate beyond the speed of light, but would contract space in front of it and expand it behind, instantaneously altering the ship's position without exceeding light speed, and now a team at NASA have set out to perform a real-world test of the proposal.

According to Alcubierre's theory, it would be possible to create one of these 'warp bubbles' in a vacuum, which is a testable theory, and NASA scientist Harold White and his team are testing it now. Will they succeed? The instruments involved are so delicate that they are in the process of moving the experiment into a 'seismically controlled' environment at NASA's space center in Houston, so that they can reach the level of precision necessary, since the slightest movement of the earth throws the experiment off.

If they succeed, though, we might not know about it immediatly. This is because some parts of the project involve novel inventions, observers need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before being told exactly where the project is at this time, and how its systems work. There are discussions with outside contractors about it, though, and if there are signs that it may be viable, NASA will continue development.

Would it eventually be classified? Unfortunately, because it involves a novel means of propulsion, that's not impossible, but at this time the project is not secret.

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Uncannily similar to Robert Heinlein's S drive by Andy Libby.
Heinlein was incredible

And here is one of those amazing INDIGO CHILDREN that could make WARP DRIVE happen for us here on our planet.

Teenager invents revolutionary device which has the potential to charge a cell phone within just 20 SECONDS.

Heading to Harvard, Khare told CBS San Francisco that this is only the start and that she will ('be setting the world on fire' from here).

does any scientist think we have learned all there is to know about spacetime?
could we in the next million years learn something new about matter and gravity?
we have just begun mastering fire and tools on a cosmic timescale.
Thanks for going against the wind and providing a bigger perspective.
They are obvious not going to land so maybe we need to get out there.

In my opinion space can be warped (as therorized with the Alcubierre Drive) using the hemispheres of the brain. Energies from the right side can compress space, while energies from the left side can expand space. The brain is a working model of the warp drive, it bends the fabric of space. People who have had OBE's (out of body experiences) found they were flying past stars and moving into distant parts of the galaxy. Some even left the galaxy and moved into others, all within the course of a 60 minute trip (Earth time). As far as Science is concerned, this is impossible, given the light speed limit. However, if the brains and consciousness of those having OBE's significantly warped the fabric of space, propeling their consciousness into far flung places, then it is possible for them to have traveled that distance as a spiritual entity.

Children and Young adults are more connected to the fabric of space, their brains warp space noticeably. I would not be surprised if someone in their 20's invented warp drive.

I agree with your comment Mace. It's becoming apparent to me that our 4D space-time continuum is only a part of a larger environment of some kind. It may turn out that we are the only ones here physically in this Universe, after all.

I think that humanity is reaching a critical point and we are fast approaching a 'go-no go' point in our evolution. It's sad to think this may turn out to be a failed experiment... It took a lot of work to get where we are now.

I think the Ancient Alien artifacts prevalent around the globe may be the remnants of the 'initial conditions' of this experiment as it was set up. Did something go wrong shortly after the experiment was initiated? This seems to be the theme of the earliest legends we have and our present lamentable situation here on Earth seems to indicate that possibility.

Remembering that the key words here are, 'ANY PLANET IN (OUR) SOLAR SYSTEM'.

I wish I could have included the exact readings from this blog but none were available.

Edgar Cayce on ETs

The historical term "flying saucers" was not much in use before 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold described to a reporter the nine UFOs that he witnessed flying in formation over Washington state. And yet years earlier, people were considering the possibility of alien life. We know this is true because some of them asked famed psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) about it during his trance sessions when he gave past life readings to individuals. And his answers were astonishing.

In 1925, Cayce was asked directly whether or not any planet in our solar system other than Earth was inhabited by human beings or animal life of any kind. Consciously, Edgar Cayce could not have answered the question. But while in trance, Cayce responded: "No. Only upon the earth planet, at present, do we find man as flesh and blood…."

Note that he did not deny the possibility outright. By including the qualifier, "at present," Cayce implied that human and/or animal life had existed on some planet at some point in the past. (Mars perhaps?) Other statements that he made on this subject more clearly addressed the question.

For example in 1938, he revealed to one man that the man had lived a previous life in Atlantis and had been "the keeper of the portals as well as the messages that were received from the visitation of those from the outer spheres." In many instances, Cayce referred to Atlantis as fact, not fable. And in this life reading, Cayce plainly stated that at the time in question, aliens existed in the "outer spheres," that they had visited earth, and that they had communicated with the Mayans through "portals."

In another life reading, Cayce added even more to the claim.

A woman who requested a life reading from Cayce discovered that she had been a Mayan Priestess living in Yucatan in the past with "those that were visited from other worlds or planets." Again, Cayce clearly stated that the Mayan culture was visited by Extraterrestrials. Adding to his stunning pronouncements, Cayce informed the woman that she had been one who "journeyed with those from her own abode," back to the alien world. So not only did the aliens visit the Mayan culture, but they transported some of them back to the alien world in presumably some kind of cross-culture arrangement.

During Cayce’s lifetime, he produced more than 14,000 life readings that are now archived at The Association of Research and Enlightenment, the information center that he founded in Virginia ( Though only a few of the readings pertain to alien life, what Edgar Cayce did say about the reality of Extraterrestrials adds credence to the theory of ancient astronauts. The readings only give us a glimpse of the alien-human relationship of the far distant past, but the information adds yet another piece to the alien jigsaw puzzle that we continue to try and understand.

The thing is the aliens are higher dimensional beings they can have citys on planet earth that no one in the third dinension can see or on other planets in our solar system. They are not limited to the 3D world. Just like a bird can fly in the sky all day but he can land on the earth if he wants to. So the aliens can come on down to our dimension when they want to. They don't have to travel great distances but they can if they go back to their star system. And the crazy part is you create the world it comes out of you. Read some Rupert Spira he explains it well.

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