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A Hole in Time

A team of physicists has created a "hole in time," where things that happen are completely undetectable to ordinary observers. It's as if they never occurred. Called "temporal cloaking," this could eventually provide a way for a country like Iran or North Korea to make nuclear weapons in complete secrecy.

Earlier attempts to make things invisible involved "spatial cloaking," bending light around an object in a way that makes it disappear from view. In the Washington Post, David Brown quotes physicist Moti Fridman as saying, "We think of time in the way that other people think of space. What other people are doing in space, we can do it in time."

The hole in time they created lasts only 50 trillionths of a second, so right now, it can't act as a "cover" for nefarious activities. Brown quotes Fridman as saying, "It is not enough time to steal a painting from a museum."

Meanwhile, there's more news on the "light bending" front as well: Other researchers are improving cloaks that have been designed to make objects invisible to infrared light, but this work may lead to more advanced materials that can hide objects in visible wavelengths. Objects beneath it seem to vanish (this might be an easy fix for ugly buildings!)

In the Guardian, Ian Sample quotes researcher Nicolas Stenger as saying, "We are focusing on a new way to control light. In the future of technology, light is going to have more and more importance."

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"What other people are doing in space, we can do it in time." Perhaps this is knowledge that much older ET races already know?

In 1999 I saw a craft that was so unconventional I have no doubt it was from somewhere else. This thing was extremely high tech so if it's us, I would be totally shocked! It was rectangular in the middle like a vanilla wafer and had huge bulbs on each end, was enormous in size (Bigger than a football field) and seemed to uncloak itself. It was a dim amber color with little rectangular lights running across it's wafer shape. Also had amber colored lights on the bulbs & it was Dead silent.

The sighting lasted about 6 seconds. As it descended crossing the sky from east to west it got a little brighter but never got completely bright. It made an exact 90 turn and shot across the Atlantic ocean at a blinding speed and disappeared.

Since 99 I've searched relentlessly for a description or a pic of this thing and found nothing. Seen a few dumbell shaped craft and descriptions of dumbell types but nothing even close to this thing. It was the most spectacular and frightening 6 sec's of my entire life.

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