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HAARP is Shut Down

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was closed down in May due to budget cuts, and the site in Gakona, Alaska has been abandoned. The site was closed down in May. Nobody is on site, buildings are locked and the power is turned off. HAARP's official website is no longer available. In the next two months, a government contractor will be assigned to the facility, but the reason for this remains unclear. Either it will be to dismantle it, or to run it for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which has a program scheduled to run on it in the fall.

Conspiracy theorists have blamed everything from riots to violent weather on HAARP. Unknowncountry has been unable to find news of the shutdown on any of the HAARP conspiracy websites, which continue to warn that HAARP is used to create things like Superstorm Sandy and large tornado outbreaks.

The site's closing became a certainty when it developed that the diesel generators that power it could no longer pass Clean Air Act standards, and replacing them proved too costly. Whether or not DARPA plans to replace the generators and re-open the facility is not clear. takes you to the edge with credibility and reliability. You can trust the information you find here. Plus, the site offers so much more in our huge archive. Click here to explore our subscription options!

Good riddence. Now the Government can spend its dollars on more pressing issues on its agenda, like Microwave Death Rays and Training Dolphins to Kill.

That's a good sign of change. Thanks for this article. A quick Google I came across this second from the top:

I have to play Devil's Advocate here. Does anyone really know what HAARP was designed to do? All I know for sure is it was intended to beam a lot of energy straight up. Beyond that - it's anybody's guess.

I am also really fascinated about the Navy training dolphins to attack ships, etc. I remember Douglas Adams claiming in 'Hitchhiker's Guide' that dolphins were the most intelligent species on Earth. (Goodbye, and thanks for the fish). But I wonder if dolphins are so smart they would be able to avoid Man like the plague. The same goes for whales; why don't they just avoid the whaling ships that are hunting them to extinction?

Probably only shut it down because the military has built a bigger more clandestine one somewhere else away from prying eyes like ex wrestler turned politician Jesse Ventura.

A private contractor would garantee no need to comply with Freedom of Information Act

This may be a hoax (things that sound too good to be true usually are). See this site for more information:

This is somewhat what I have heard from other trusted source however on Coast To Coast show last week the special guest (I forget his name) but he is a frequent trusted guest stated this is nothing to be happy about. This had been planned to transfer to DARPA from the NAVY Department for obvious reasons. There are certain restrictions to what they (Navy) can do because there is some transparency and oversight the would expose some aspects. This makes me even more concerned because this means the next phase will be that much more evil and even more concealed to even more folks that could report it's wrongdoing. SO I am afraid this is just more bad news friends.

I hear its being privatized just like ufo technology

The below item seems to be the most informed article on HAARP that I've seen:

I am also thinking about an interview on unknowncountry a while back about why someone was broadcasting the complete human genome repeatedly on a sub-carrier channel using HAARP.

Reminds me of a conversation with my son, who said, "Dad, that's just the kind of thing nerds do!".

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