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Gone too FARS? News Of US-Alien-Hitler Liaison Causes Media Flurry

The world's media has been left bemused by bizarre allegations of alien global domination, purported to have been sourced from notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Alleged UFO hoaxer “Sorcha Faal” published on his website,, a report that NSA Leaker Edward Snowden has said that he has incontrovertible proof that aliens rule the United States, and this report has been taken seriously by the Iranian News Agency FARS.

FARS appears to have taken the incredible revelations at face value, despite their fantastic nature, making claims that Snowden appeared on a Russian TV programme and disclosed that aliens have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years”, including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US Air Force in Nevada," and have been " driving US domestic and international policy... since at least 1945."

It's a fabulous tale: apparently aliens were secretly the power behind the Nazis, assisting the Germans to build hundreds of submarines during the war, far exceeding their capabilities with mere human technology. Why they chose to build comparatively primitive subs in preference to super-powered spaceships is not clear, nor does the article explain why, despite the support from their alien pals, the Germans didn't even manage to win the war. Undaunted after their trouncing by the Allies, however, the aliens apparently decided to back the winning team and so defected to the U.S., where they have remained ever since, becoming the driving force behind the government and using U.S. Presidents, including Obama, as pawns in their bid to enslave humanity and create a universal super-power.

Running with the extra-terrestrial bit firmly clamped in its teeth, a few hours later FARS went on to make further allegations that were, quite literally, "out-of this world." The later news story has Mr. Snowden unconsciously transmitting hidden messages in a YouTube video, where, it is alleged, he is hinting that the PRISM surveillance system collects UFO contact data, with the intention of creating a hoax alien invasion that would provide justification for "space wars" and ultimately, the domination of the entire solar system. The first story hinted that Hitler was also an alien puppet, so it is not a huge mental leap to expect that, sooner or later, global domination would not be enough to satisfy the power-crazy alien-human combo who would naturally turn their attentions skyward in an attempt to conquer, well, everything.

FARS is not known for its highly credible reporting, however, and in the past the site has produced some fabulously outlandish articles, including one which sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: "Have you heard the one about the Iranian Scientist who invented a laptop-sized time machine?" .
The news source for their Snowden story, "," is the spawn of Sorcha Faal, an organization supposedly established in Ireland in 588 BCE by the oldest daughter of the King Zedekiah. RationalWiki suggests that the author is actually the disinformation outlet for David Booth, an internationally known psychic. Whoever the author is, the news site is charmingly described by RationalWiki as being "of such quality that even other conspiracy nutters don't think much of it."

The Snowden stories are delightfully imaginative pieces of news, which, if true, would be worthy of front page news across the planet. They merely serve to confirm, however, the ease in which fiction can become fact when it is covertly and cynically disseminated through carefully chosen online outlets. It is certain that many truths are in fact obfuscated from the media, fuelling conspiracy theories and our imaginations, but the pursuit of the truth is not aided by the deliberate distribution of half-truths, suppositions and downright lies.

Not true? Really? between Joseph Farrell, Jim Marrs and David Icke, and the way that even our own government and corporations seem to be so ANTI-life on planet earth, it sounds entirely plausible. Furthermore, what about that list of alien officers Gary McKinnon (?) found trying to break into top secret military or cia files??

It sounds a lot like the Blue Planet Project material.

Besides, if they knew Snowden took material proof of alien existence, I'm pretty sure he'd be dead about 3 times over.

This "news" story seems like so much propaganda, attempting to discredit Snowden as well as causing confusion regarding legitimate UFO accounts, and mixing in bizarre-sounding theories in order to ridicule. It bugs me that the article was written with such a snarky attitude. If I'm reading it correctly, did this story originate with *Sorcha Faal*? If so, whoever that entity is, cannot be trusted, IMO. I'm hoping, Whitley, that you can give us your comments?

Looks like something inspired by the budget movie Iron Sky (2012)


I am curious about the amount of counter-intelligence (dis-info) being propagated by certain media 'personalities.'

How can you go wrong when you lump ETs in with Hitler, especially since he apparently survived. (Not really.)

Any overt attempt at contact would be met with red-neck fundamentalists shooting at 'demons' heralding in the 'anti-christ,' while every other person will be terrified Hitler will show up to land a saucer on the White House lawn.

I saw this recently in the movie Contact (1997) when they interpreted the video feed...

Here's an interesting movie that portrays different groups of ET races 'competing' for Earth's resources:

Jupiter Ascending (2014) Official Teaser Trailer

"Your Earth is a very small part of a very large industry." @ 1:09

Whether the story is true or not, it's already been tainted by the source's lack of creditability. It might as well have come from the Weekly World News with a picture of Bat Boy. Looks like the "powers the be" have returned to their roots by coating the story with giggle glue. The most likely target in this case is Mr. Snowden's credibility however the entire "claim" must be examined as a form of micro-disclosure using an enemy "useful idiot".

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