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Will Quiet Sun Reverse Global Warming Trend?

The term "global warming" has been described as one of the most misleading descriptions of the modern world by president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, John L. Casey, in his new book, "Dark Winter: How The Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell."

Casey claimed in a recent interview that the increase in global temperatures has now ceased, and has replaced by a period of icy cold that could prevail for another thirty years, with catastrophic effects on agriculture and farming.

The former White House national space policy advisor, maintains that the Sun has entered a cyclical period of "solar hibernation," which will be enough to trigger a new and prolonged era of cooler temperatures: "not an ice age, necessarily," said Casey, but a "difficult cold that will start to damage our crops, globally, within the next 10-15 years."

Casey's biggest concern is that most of the world's population is being deluded by scientists perpetuating the theory of global warming, a concept that he calls "the greatest scientific fraud in history." He claims that, for some reason, the viewpoint that global warming caused by man-made CO2 emissions is an irrefutable fact is being peddled most forcefully by scientists in the U.S., whereas Russian scientists have a more open, informed approach to the issue.

"Surprisingly, the former communist Soviet Union is quite open and quite free for their climate scientists to tell the truth about their climate, which is [that] global warming ended many years ago and a new cold climate has begun," said Casey, who has also written a previous book on the subject entitled the "Cold Sun."

Russian scientists have already made a connection between solar hibernation and a colder Earth and "are routinely interviewed on their TV and their news media," said Casey, adding, "We believe their government is planning for this new cold era."

"But it's just the opposite here in the U.S., where, if any government scientist dared stand up and say what I'm saying today, they wouldn't be around in their job very long," he said.

Because of this refusal to acknowledge the true nature of the impending climate changes, the impact in the West could be devastating as no provisions are being made:

"We are absolutely unprepared," warned Casey.

Casey is adamant that the climate on Earth is being affected most significantly by solar activity and not by human impact in the form of greenhouse gas emissions.

"What we've learned, if anything, from the billions and billions of dollars [spent] in 25 years of research is that mankind's [contribution] to the greenhouse gases is truly insignificant," he stated, adding that there is 20-40 times the amount of naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than the amount produced by humans, and that in fact water vapor is the major threat, producing 95 per cent of all greenhouse gases.

"What we now know after decades of research is that the slightest variation in the sun's energy output can make the difference between the modern warm period we just went through versus a new global ice age," he explained.

Until recently, the Earth has been basking in a warm period, a normal cyclical event that usually lasts for thousands of years, but Casey said that this has ended prematurely as this latest solar-driven period of cooling is not typical, arriving about 200 years since the last switch from warming to cooling caused by the sun. He is genuinely concerned that for global governments to ignore this information is sheer folly, and that if they continue to do so then the consequences could be severe and profound:

"When you have the president of the United States in June of last year, as he did in Georgetown University, tell the world that not only do we still have warming, but global warming is accelerating — truly, we're in trouble and we're not prepared for what's coming," said Casey.

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Does anybody know what's really going on with the weather?

Watch this video to see how the increasing waviness in the jet stream is causing more extreme weather:

And for those desiring a scientific discussion of such:

As for decreasing solar activity resulting in future cooling, based on everything I've read, it's not likely. The amount and rate of human GHG emissions is such that it's overriding any trends in solar forcing. The climate blogger Robert Scribbler explains this in one of his past articles from about a year ago, but I can't find it right now. Suffice it to say, I don't think the sun will come to our rescue unless we start rapidly reducing our emissions. If I find his article before this article leaves the front page, I'll post it.

And as for the so-called hiatus in global warming - not really, the excess heat has gone into the oceans - which is perhaps good in the short term, but in the long term that heat will be coming back to bite us eventually! Scroll down a bit in this article for an explanation of the hiatus and ocean temperature trends. Also, when the oceans absorb carbon dioxide, their waters become more acidic. So even if you doubt global warming per se, the rapid acidification of the oceans is not a good trend. Plankton, shellfish and corals are especially hard hit by more acid waters.

Following are two links that have really opened my eyes to what is going on:

Take the time to listen, study, and use your critical thinking skills. I doubt you will still believe in anthropogenic climate change once you do so.

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