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Get Off It!

Some people may feel that drugs are OK, but others want desperately to get rid of their addictions. In case "just say no" doesn't work for you, researchers have discovered a chemical that can help heroin users kick their habit, while at the same time increasing the pain relief for patients who are taking medicines like morphine.

The Medical Xpress website quotes researcher Mark Hutchinson as saying, "Our studies have shown conclusively that we can block addiction via the immune system of the brain, without targeting the brain's wiring.

"Both the central nervous system and the immune system play important roles in creating addiction, but our studies have shown we only need to block the immune response in the brain to prevent cravings for opioid drugs."

As all dieters know, we can become addicted to food as well, because mood-enhancing effects are associated with some flavors, stemming at least in part from natural ingredients bearing a striking chemical similarity to a widely used prescription mood-stabilizing drug. This effect joins those previously reported for chocolate, teas and some other known comfort foods.

Karina Martinez-Mayorga says, "Molecules in chocolate, a variety of berries and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids have shown positive effects on mood. In turn, our studies show that some commonly used flavor components are structurally similar to valproic acid," which is used to smooth out the mood swings of people with manic-depressive disorder and related conditions. Some brand names are Depakene, Depakote and Stavzor.

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In the civil war, soldiers would often become addicted to Morphine. In fact Morphine addiction was often called, " the Soldiers disease". Many treatments were tried to cure those addicted to Morphine, with little success.

Eventually someone hit upon the idea of creating Heroin, as a cure for Morphine addiction.. It was to be an "Heroic Drug", i.e., the cure for Morphine addiction. We all know how that went...

Next came Methadone, invented in Germany in 1937, initially called Dolophine, named after Adoph Hilter. Hitler gave it to his troops in WW2 to make them numb to death. They changed the name after the war. They were also given amphetamines. That didn't work very well either.

More recent attempts. have been Suboxone, and Subutex which have become very popular for inmates in our prison system..

Without turning this into a text book on drugs, and addiction, I will say that if history is any guide, then it is unlikely that doing something to the immune system will cure addiction. It's ironic because all analgesics have the effect of blocking the immune system, preventing healing.

Its also interesting that Valproic Acid is mentioned, better known as Depakote, it has recently been linked to Autism, and brain deformities in children whose mothers took it during pregnancy, in a study in Great Britain.

The are countless, plants, and ways that addicts use to get high. Some people believe that civilization may have begun, as a way to guarantee a continuous supply of alcohol to early humans. That being said it may be in our nature to alter our consciousness in some way, just to get away from ourselves, once and a while.

Unfortunately, the brain is a very complex thing, and nothing to mess around with. I do believe addicts are sometimes born, that way, due to exposure to opiates and anesthetics, during labor and delivery, which change the number of receptor sites in the brain for Opiates..

There is a cure for addiction, but science will never find it, because its not through reason and logic.

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