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Fukushima Water Leak Could Go Out of Control has been covering the Fukushima disaster since it took place and we have never been satisfied that the public was being told the real story. Now it appears that highly radioactive water is leaking out of the plant and into the Pacific Ocean, and it is not clear when, or if, it can be stopped. Should the leak continue unabated, there will be two choices: either continue to flood the reactor and allow the irradiated water to leak into the ocean, or stop flooding and let the reactor melt down. Obviously, either of these alternatives is a disaster.

Tokyo Electric Power has been criticized over its poor handling of the crisis and its failure to keep either Japanese officials or the public informed of the true extent of the problem. However, other authorities around the Pacific Basin have also been unwilling or unable to keep the public adequately informed, and this includes the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which has been inconsistent in its publication of data about contamination along the US west coast.

The leaking water is not just flowing into the Pacific, it also has the potential to rise to the surface and bypass the barrier that it holding most of it back at present. This would create a serious environmental disaster that would affect an unknown area of the Pacific. According to the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Agency, this is a disaster that Tepco is not addressing with the urgency needed. The Japanese newspaper Asahi estimates that a complete breach could take place in three weeks.

This important story is being ignored in the US media so that the public won't be frightened...and will keep innocently eating what could soon be irradiated seafood. Fish such as tuna, which travel across the Pacific, may be at great risk.

What can you do about it? Certainly, relying on the authorities is a waste of time. Whitley Strieber says, "I got a Geiger counter, and I think that everyone in the possible contamination area, which includes the Pacific basin from Japan across to Oregon and California, should test their own Pacific-caught seafood on a regular basis."

Where else did you read this? The answer is, in the US media, almost nowhere. Keep us going with a subscription.

If the Blue Fin tuna are smart they'll take a big gulp of that water to keep the Japanese from eating them into extinction. Seriously, the amount of institutionalized incompetence apparent in this disaster is astounding.

I have never stopped following this story, and it is much bigger than anyone realizes. They have even discovered increased changes in childhood cancer rates stretching eastward in the U.S. all the way to the East Coast.

This could be THE worst ecological disaster of all time, and continuing for years to come.

Whitley has the right idea with a geiger counter.Although it needs to be quite sensitive. Be careful what you pick up on the beach also.
This is going to haunt us for a long long time. Us meaning mankind. Why cant they remove the fuel rods and shut down the reactor? I guess because it's too late.
Where is our wonderful, so called, press in this country? as has been mentioned already. We don't have any anymore. Not like it used to be. Our loss. It's all political now. We're not much different than Russia at this point. Sad when we have to get our news from the BBC but that's what I've been paying attention to lately. At least THEY tell us what's going on in this country.

It's already out of control. Yesterday, it was announced that the Japanese gov't would finally get involved. Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 levels are continuing to rise. The storage of highly radioactive water is massive. Best scenario would be if the Japs asked for international help in sealing up this disaster. I bought a Russian Geiger counter a year ago and have yet to spot radioactivity in any food here in Bay area, California. Thanks for continuing to put out the truth, Whitley.

You guys had it right all along! I just wish it could have been good news you were right about.

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