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Fukushima Radiation Heading Our Way

Despite official denials by the Japanese government and shrouded statements issued by our own government, it's becoming clear that we're in potential danger due to radiation from the Fukushima reactor meltdown blowing our way. It may also soon arrived on the West Coast in the form of contaminated items that were engulfed in the tsunami that was caused by the earthquake that started the whole problem.

We already know that California kelp is contaminated with elevated levels of radioactive iodine. Does this mean that fish caught in Pacific waters will be dangerous to eat? What about other types of food? No clear answers are forthcoming yet--from EITHER side of the Pacific.

If eating and drinking are a problem for you--even BEFORE you need to be worried about radiation, download a copy of Anne Strieber's famous diet book "What I Learned From the Fat Years." She tells the story of how she lost 100 pounds and shows you how YOU can do it too.

I live in North Coast San Diego, and the radiation is already here. It's been here since several weeks after the tsunami. The plume went high into the atmosphere and is now spread world-wide, though some areas are hotter than others due to anomalies in the high atmosphere. It is especially hot when there is rain or marine layer drizzle, which picks up radioactivity from the ocean and brings it inland quite a way.

I suggest anyone on the West Coast check out this website:

There ARE things we can do to mitigate our exposure, things like a good HEPA air filter and either filtering your water properly, or getting good bottled. We drink Iceland Pure water, which is excellent. We intend to get a meter to check things for ourselves very soon.

Trace radioactive isotopes from Fukishima were detected just 38 miles as the Crow flies from my home. I bought large amounts of Sea Kelp tablets in advance and take 90mg per day (3x30mg tablets). Nothing will protect us from Strontium or Caesium ingestion but I suggest stocking up on activated charcoal capsules and researching the myriad methods of removing heavier radioactive metals from your body. One thing, since I started taking Sea Kelp tablets, I seem to have become more psychic during daylight hours. Nights are many times more prophetic in terms of dreaming and I was fascinated to hear that Bigfoot may eat Sea Kelp too. I wonder if Sea Kelp really does boost your ability to employ psychic abilities? Looking forward to 13th August.. 8:13 AM

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