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Fracking Kills Trees

As "fracking," which is the term for drilling for natural gas from the ground, becomes more popular (as oil prices rise), we may see bare landscapes in this country. This process uses LOTS of water, which is becomes contaminated before it is disposed of. The vegetation in part of a national forest in Virginia quickly died after being sprayed with chemical-laced wastewater recovered from fracking. Two years after the water was sprayed on them, over half of the trees were dead.

In the July 12th edition of the New York Times, Mireya Navarro writes that "nearly all ground plants died. After a few days, tree leaves turned brown, wilted and dropped. 56% of about 150 trees eventually died." Disposing of this water is a major problem--if it's dangerous to vegetation, it's likely to be poured into lakes and rivers instead. Whether or not this will kill marine life the same way it kills trees is so far unknown.

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Max Igan has some interesting things to say about fracking.

i am against all this fracking! i see it as damaging our water tables and supply. especially to those wo use well water or farms. you know that by drilling down hole through the water tables will involve esscape of water from the existing water tables, either up or down into the ground to be contaminated either way.
i think we need to go into the future with new ways to exist with nature and new developements of new engery. cheap is not alway good, re: such as the buggy whip became useless to the car. it is time to change our uses of energy to something new. do not try to tell me we do not have such. i do believe that research is much further along than they have led us to think. the corporations and the government in their back pocket from election campain donations, all of them refuse to lose their hold on us and continue to make us pay to benefit the bottom line. to these folks running all these programs, less is more "money for them". fracking will lead to all paying for water as they have us now believing we need to drink bottled water or afraid to drink from the public fountions. we are going to pay for the plant life is going through now. how bad does it have to get peos...before we wake up?

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