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First Sign of Methane Outgassing from Arctic Ocean

Scientists from the University of Stockholm have detected gigantic methane plumes escaping from the sea floor of the Laptev continental slope. It is believed that this is due to the melting of methane hydrates that have been frozen on the floor of the ocean. They are now melting and releasing the gas because the Arctic Ocean, along with the rest of the arctic, is warming rapidly.

In the past, interglacials such as the one we are in now have ended with a sudden release of methane from Arctic Ocean hydrates, which has been followed by a period of extreme global heating that, when the methane dissipates, transforms violently into a much colder regime that brings on another ice age. Whitley Strieber and Art Bell detailed this process in Superstorm, which was generally dismissed as nonsense.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. It retains 50 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, and will cause global heating that will make the planet non-viable for humans in some areas, most notably the world's deserts, the US Southwest, southern China and southern India. Once all the methane hydrates are melted and methane stops releasing, it will dissipate, and the heat trapped in the atmosphere will be released into space. As human activity by that time will no longer be extensive enough to contribute any significant warming effect, the Holocene interglacial will end and the planet will return to a much colder regime than we now enjoy.

If the methane releases slowly, it will dissipate faster than it accumulates in the atmosphere, and the process won't generate a dramatic climate shift. This hopeful outcome seems unlikely, however, because the methane plumes already appearing are 'vast' according to the SWERUS-C3 scientists who made the observations. It is believed that an incursion of warmer Atlantic water that stretches deep into the Arctic Ocean has become warmer, causing the hydrates to release.

I received this from a friend today.....

Senator Denies Climate Change On Senate Floor And Gets A Science Lesson From His Colleague.

Climate change denial has ruined the world. The people behind this falsehood have a great deal to answer for. There will be so much suffering because of this. In the end, people like the Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh and all the others will have caused more human agony than Hitler, Stalin and Mao put together.

The reason that they are so responsible is that they engineered a waste of ten years that could have enabled us to plan for this and get ready for change. As matters stand, this is sneaking up on the world. Not one news story about it so far except ours, and yet it is the beginning of the end of climate as we have known it through all of our history.

Below is from Whitley's Journal, Encounter of June 6, 1998
(posted July 20 1998)
I'll never forget it. It isWhitley discussing and trying to figure out the conversation of the Key. I don't think this statement appeared in the book.

I have also gained a mission: our world is going to go through a time of great agony. I can tell you this: many of the people who now hold sway over us are going to end up despised by a thousand future generations. Their names will echo in the ages as the names of the blackest demons of hell.

At the same time, there is going to be a path found through the maelstrom, and the ones on the path will bear children, and the children will survive, and mankind will go on. But barely. Just barely.

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