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FBI Agent Says He Was Gagged About 911

Former FBI agent Ali Soufan says he has not been allowed to tell the truth about 9/11. Soufan is a Lebanese man who came to the US as a teenager and is one of the few Arabic speakers in the FBI. He says that not only were we mislead about what lead up to 9/11 and what could have prevented it, but he argues that rough interrogation techniques, such as water boarding, were unnecessary, since he and his team had ALREADY GOTTEN the information about al-Quaeda that these methods were trying to elicit.

When the 9/11 attacks occurred, Soufan was in Yemen investigating the earlier bombing of the USS Cole. The next day, a CIA officer in from the US embassy there passed him an envelope which told about links between the people he was investigating for the warship bombing and two of the hijackers, who had been living in the US for months before the attack.

In BBC News, Gordon Corera and Steve Swann quote Soufan as saying, "People in our government knew that they were here--we were not told. We were looking for them overseas. They were here. People in our government knew that they were here. We were not told." Soufan has interrogated suspects and says he was able to extract valuable intelligence with traditional interrogation methods, without using techniques such as water boarding, nudity, sleep deprivation and stress positions.

He was the first person to question Abu Zubaydah, who identified Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. But Washington believed Abu Zubaydah knew more, so they sent out a CIA contractor to use "enhanced interrogation techniques."

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I ask all listeners to read a portion of the 9/11 commissions findings and ask themselves if it doesn't appear obvious that it seems to be written from the viewpoint of someone who is not looking for the truth, but any logical way to present a possible explanation of the tragedy's occurance. Even someone who is deathly afraid of revealing any inkling of even considering the possibility that it was all staged for a reason. The commission was afraid of the bureaucracy, someone in the bureaucracy, - it is very obvious if you think about it. It is true that criminals run our government.

everyday more come to light, the more it sicken me, to think that we support this government and its policies. i have come to believe commissions are cover-ups. this is not the first time the government has pulled this on the peos.
most peos of the majority do not care of the true outcome being exposed about this or the past other desceptions pulled on all, providing it does not effect them. this kind of dealings effect all of the peos, directly or indirectly! we just keep getting SCREWED OVER! as the government tell peos not to be concerned or it is better for the country not to know. BULL!
wake up to the truth that is out there for you to follow!

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