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Eating Too Much? Try Sleeping More

A new study suggests that INCREASING the amount of sleep that you get could lead to DECREASING the amount of food you eat (and we've REDUCED the price of our famous diet book, so that YOU can reduce too), but the results may differ between men and women.

Researcher Marie-Pierre St-Onge says, "We were surprised by the lack of a significant effect of sleep on glucose and insulin."

So eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly (and Anne Strieber's famous diet book has a special chapter on exercise called "The Tyranny of the Body"), and GO TO BED EARLY (good night!)


"that may not sound like a lot, but consider the volume of ice now locked up in the planet’s three greatest ice sheets,” she writes in a recent issue of Scientific American. “If the West Antarctic ice sheet were to disappear, sea level would rise almost 19 feet; the ice in the Greenland ice sheet could add 24 feet to that; and the East Antarctic ice sheet could add yet another 170 feet to the level of the world’s oceans: more than 213 feet in all.” Bell underscores the severity of the situation by pointing out that the 150-foot tall Statue of Liberty could be completely submerged within a matter of decades.

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