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The Drones Unveiled?

The mystery of the drones has deepened with the release ofsome provocative new information allegedly taken from asecret laboratory report about the use of alien anti-gravitytechnology in exotic propulsion systems. But the governmenthas cloaked its own secrets in a cover of 'alien technology'before so is this real?

The latest information comes from a source calling him orherself "Isaac," and it concerns a secret 1980s activity namedProject Caret. Isaac has provided on a website that you can visit pictures of pieces of a craft designed in the same manner as the drones that have been photographed recently in Northern California, that make it difficult to believe that these are anything other than alien technology and back-engineered human technology. He has asked that his material be presented in full, so that you can draw your own conclusions. Out of respect for his request, we are providing a link here to his website. Itmust be noted that certain of the materials shown on thewebsite bear a striking resemblance to tunneling apparatus,and could have been constructed from them digitally.

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