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Hot Weather May Make Us Fat

It's not cool to be fat, but fat people may be cool. Fat dogs are cool, and obese people may be, too. Psychologist Roberto Refinetti studied the relationship between body temperature and body weight in lean and obese dogs. His findings showed that obese dogs have lower body temperature than lean dogs, and the difference in temperature is enough to account for weight gain. In other words, dogs gain weight so they can stay cool. And at the same time that obesity is epidemic in the US, HOT WEATHER is too!

Refinetti says, "We don't fully know the causes of the obesity epidemic that the US is experiencing. One possible cause that hasn't been studied is the relationship between a lower body temperature and obesity."

Other researchers have discovered that "free radicals" (which may cause cancer) have a GOOD side: They may suppress your hunger when you've already overeaten so much that you're overweight. By increasing the level of free radicals in overweight mice, researchers found that their appetites were suppressed.

Could this be the basis for a new diet drug? However, the problem is that free radicals are also associated with aging and cancer. quotes researcher Tamas Horvath as saying, "It's a catch-22. On one hand, you must have these critical signaling molecules to stop eating. On the other hand, if exposed to them chronically, free radicals damage cells and promote aging."

Do we have to choose between looking young and being fat or looking old and being thin? At, WE DON'T THINK SO, which is why we are offering Anne Strieber's diet book to our readers as a download at the incredibly low price of less than $5!

i see no "catch 22" here. i feel this article has been written with prejudice! the only way fat peos stay cooler than thin, is that they refuse to MOVE. i am sure they will stay cool this way! if they just lay there while the sun and heat can not penetrate the fat!
watch fat peos, most all that do move? they sweat profusely, can hardly breath correctly, complain joints hurt, asked friends and others to get thing for them cause it is easier, so not to be inconvienced, only do any moving for the shortest amount of time should they have to, then go back to sitting or laying down to relax. (like the beach pic) moving all that weight is a task in itself. it got to be hot in there.
they need to move! or soon they will flat line.
not being obese, but putting on pound will slow any normal peos down, makes peos get hot quicker carrying the extra pounds. shed the pounds for the thiner side of life, all feel better, cooler by including moving instead of feeding the face, or having other get things for your bad habits.
can not believe this article is trying to accomodate obesity peos, the slant of this makes it ok to be that way? no way is fatter going to be cooler. if theat is the case why do most of them want fan blowing on the body??? you got to be kidding! some of these tax payer studies are just plain weather does not make you want to eat!

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