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Do We Get What We Wish For?

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes, "I recently went to tea with two people?one of the young girls who just lost her mother and the girl's aunt. The aunt went on and on about how cancer is a choice, which I thought was a particularly inappropriate thing to do in front of someone whose mother had just died from that disease. I've heard this sort of thing from so-called 'New Age' types before and whenever I do, I wonder if these people have ever KNOWN anyone who has died from?or survived?cancer." This week on Dreamland, you'll learn about the spiritual side to the UFO phenomenon, and subscribers get to go even deeper and listen to a conversation between Joe Lewels and William Henry. Next week, subscribers get to hear Anne's conversation with William Henry about his wonderful new DVD, and on Saturday, July 14 they get to chat with Joe Lewels!

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