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A Dire Warning: the Disappearance of Flight 370 May Be the Beginning of a Terror Attack, Not the End

In his latest Journal entry, Whitley Strieber warns that the preponderance of evidence suggests that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked, and that the plane is probably still intact and on the ground somewhere, and, if so, represents the greatest terror threat ever known. He urges an immediate search of airfields around the region, as well as areas where a tarmac could recently have been built for the plane.

With its great carrying capacity and long range, a Boeing 777 represents an extraordinary threat worldwide. Such a plane could carry a massive load of radioactive material and high explosives, or even an atomic weapon. He urges not only a search at official levels, but also extending the crowdsourcing search to include airfields the plane might have reached, and not only those within its range given its officially recorded fuel load, but also if it had a full fuel load. He also urges Malaysian authorities to investigate whether or not the plane was carrying its recorded fuel load, or if there is fuel missing at the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

I had similar thoughts. Isn't it just damn sad that we even have to entertain these ideas? When will people learn to love their CHILDREN more than they hate their enemies?

There are two possibilities with this dream, it is simply a processing dream OR precognitive. Whichever, I am posting it here.

IF precognitive, then the airplane is in or near AUSTRALIA.....



DREAM: I am in Australia and with a well known Australian actor (actually a comedian). (In real life I have seen him before but have no idea of his name, also I think he is actually British, not from Australia). There is a big national holiday going on, (something like the American Fourth of July celebration). He is my date but is interacting with the crowd so much that I am being ignored. He is loving this crowd and they love him. REALLY WORKING THE CROWD…..

Still in the center of this celebration but now on a street with houses. An older woman is standing next to her home and I ask her if I can look inside. I want to see how Australians decorate their homes. She is hesitant but then tells me it is all right to go inside. I do not go all the way inside the house but only stand at the doorway and peek in. It is warm and homey looking. I now tell her that I can tell a lot about a person simply by the way they furnish their homes.

It is a very hot day and I am no longer at this celebration and no longer with the actor. I am again with the same older woman and we are looking out over what appears to be her farmland. She tells me to look into the field; I do and see a man riding on a tractor. (She tells me that it is most difficult to get supplies of any kind in this remote area of the world).

ALSO, this snippet of a dream. I didn't write the date down but it was around the 9th, of March.

A few nights ago, while dreaming, I saw light brown leather shoes. Although I did not see a face, this felt like a connection to a man. He had on GRAY trousers but the trouser legs were the only thing visible. As he walked his shoes kept SQUEAKING; the shoes were of a casual loafer style. This was a brief image in the dream but it has stayed with me for several days now. The image had an ominous feel to it and felt like a scene from an old mafia type movie.

Whitley you are voicing what all of us have thought about. That the horror is just beginning and they've been planning something just awful. I think they would like to fly this plane into the new World Trade building in New York. It is such a symbolic target.

Many of us are tapping into this, with similar, yet slightly different scenarios. We are seeing the various timelines and possibilities. This timeline is still malleable. Why? Because we are observing it, and affecting it. It is not yet a 'done deal'. Remember Schroedinger's cat? That cat is both alive and dead until we open the box. But we are, on some level, deciding his fate.

Carollee I saw on the news the other night that one of the myriad of possibilities was that the plane had landed in a barely inhabited part of Western Australia.

Everything is possible, of course, but if you want to abduct a plane to use it not for ransom but for a terror attack, why to use a passenger plane and then having to deal with all the passengers and the public attention that may result in the plane getting found sooner than expected by the abductors which could undo their plot? Wouldn't it make more sense for such purposes to abduct a cargo plane that has only a small crew on board and the disappearance of which wouldn't cause that much public attention?

I feel incredibly used and abused by false flags and other operations used against humanity for evil, selfish purposes. Anyway, here's some background info. on some of the "players" in the current saga (interesting speculation, as well.) Take it for what you will. It may shed a little more light on this nightmare. It was posted yesterday:


Last post, I promise.....

A little something of interest.

A short time after my post, I received a phone call from a friend in my dream group......Here is how the conversation goes.....

"I had you in a dream last night. You were standing at the bottom of a DRY river bed (ravine)??? The bottom was like concrete with bumps or bubbles and painted YELLOW. You were helping gorillas escape by letting them climb up on your shoulders. There were many, some small and others larger. They were all being lifted to safety. You were doing this with no physical effort or strain. There were hands reaching out for some of them as they neared the top of the river bed."

Naj, I just listened to the interview with Joseph Farrell. Could any of what he is saying be right? WOW!!!!! I hope others listen as well and reply to this interview with their own thoughts. Thank you for listing this show.

Where is Joe McMonagle when you need a great remote viewer?

Kenneteh - you have said the most intelligent thing here...or why not just buy one?

Kenneteh - you have said the most intelligent thing here...or why not just buy one?

Kenneteh - you have said the most intelligent thing here...or why not just buy one?

Re the Joseph Farrell interview.....given that there are several well-documented cases of Air Force bases being visited by UFOs - with the result of having their missile launch codes disabled - it's not much of a stretch to think that a non-human group may be sending us another clear message. What that message is, is anyone's guess. But my first crack at this would be something along the lines of "if you humans are going to continue to ignore your role in the destruction of this planet, here's a little reminder of how easily we can shut your whole race down in the blink of an eye".
I'm not 100% buying into the story about the plane's left turn - didn;t that information come out 2 days after the fact? I agree with Farrell that this 'feels' like obfuscation.

Any of the Remote Viewers trained by the military/CIA/NSA complex is going to be giving out the company line on this. As far as I know, none of them ever told the truth about Flt 800 (think that was it, the one over Long Island). There are plenty of people not trained by the military who can do psychic readings on this event. You cannot rely on one person's vision of what happened, but if a group posted their visions you might start to see a pattern. To that end, I will post what I saw here:

One of the pilots disabled the other pilot (maybe shot him?), and at the same time a passenger got up and was acting in tandem with the remaining pilot. Then I saw the plane land. It seemed to me to be almost due west, but if the reports about the fuel are correct, there was not enough on board to reach Yemen or any other country in that region.

Maybe Pakistan?

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