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Denver Votes No to Aliens

Denver voters resoundingly rejected a proposal for the city to set up a means for residents to report UFO sightings and alien encounters. The proposal was overwhelmingly defeated, 102,776 to 20,162. The proposal's advocate, Jeff Peckman, claims that opponents outrageously exaggerated the cost of the plan, and says that the government is already tracking UFO sightings, but is keeping the information secret. The proposals would have established a commission to track extraterrestrials and would have allowed Denver residents post their observations and sightings on Denver's city website.

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Unfortunate. But the fact that this program even made it to vote means headway is being made.

Agree with Dax Alfred. My thought is that it is a huge direction change, just getting the proposal on the ballot.

It is unfortunate that it failed, true, but as Dax and Sandy have noted, the fact that it made the ballot is indeed proof that awareness is growing.

Hope to see it on the ballot next go-around.

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