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Comet Aiming for Mars

Will life on Mars go the way of the dinosaurs before we have a chance to discover it? Incoming Comet C213/A1, discovered on January 1st, is expected by some astronomers to pass within 28,000 miles of Marsin 2014. But cometary trajectories change, and an impact is not impossible, although NASA estimates that the object will pass Mars at a distance more like 80,000 miles.

Should it hit the planet, it will cause a spectacular explosion, releasing the equivalent energy of billion megatons of TNT. This is roughly the size of the blast that climaxed the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

If a comet of similar size were to strike Earth, civilization, along with most human and other life, would end. At present, though, there are no known celestial bodies of such size likely to hit our planet in the near future.

Are the Visitors which our "contactees" keep experiencing "refugees" from some similar catastrophe on another planet? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these provocative interviews, which were recorded just for THEM).

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nice one

One thing to point out is that if their estimates of a 20-billion megaton impact are correct, this would actually be 200 times the estimated blast that occurred at the Chicxulub impact 64 million years ago (aprox. 100 million megatons), and well over 3000 times the estimated energy release from the Shoemaker-Levy impact on Jupiter (6 million megatons). It's also estimated that Siding Spring's impact would leave a crater 500km in diameter. Wouldn't good for anyone/anything on the surface, but thankfully the projected odds of an impact are apparently 1 in 1250. Whatever that means. ;)
In comparason, the total global nuclear arsenal is (only) 5,000 megatons, of which would mean the Siding Spring impact would be four million times the energy release of all the nukes on Earth.

I really wish i did hit Mars because then maybe NASA would get the funds needed to at least map the solar system and see how many of these are potential ELE impacts on earth. Also, just maybe it would make us as a race wake to the fact that were all in this together and no-ones God can beat up the other gods because ITS all the same Divinity. somethings gotta wake us up before we die in our sleep.

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