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Climate Change Triggers Quakes and Volcanoes

There is growing evidence that melting ice sheets and sea level changes can trigger earthquakes (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) and volcanic eruptions.

Most of the evidence for the climate's influence on geology comes from the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago, when ice sheets retreated from much of the planet, at the same time that a sudden outburst of geological activity occurred. Geologist Bill McGuire thinks that the weight of ice maintains high pressures underground that keep magma at the root of volcanoes solid and suppress eruptions. But as the ice melts, the huge weight is released and the land surface lifts, reducing the pressure below.

And many geological fault lines are on a knife-edge, waiting any nudge to send their seismic mayhem to the surface. He warns that we need to watch out as the world starts to warm once more.

On the Environment 360 website, Fred Pearce quotes McGuire as saying, "Volcanoes can be incredibly sensitive to tiny changes to their external environment, constantly teetering on the edge of stability."

Pearce writes: "Nobody should want climate scientists to rush around the world warning of geological Armageddon. Too much remains unknown. Caution certainly is justified. But the danger is that a topic of potentially huge importance ends up being ignored. And the research needed to substantiate--or to repudiate--these concerns is never done. That would be unwise."

At the very least, people on the coasts shld have a plan to move inland quickly, efficiently, and with anything they wish to preserve (and remember to take the ownership of land with you because the waters will subside). I cant help but think that the FEMA camps that people interested in conspiracy theories have referred to will be used as long term temporary shelter for those displaced temporarily or permanently by rising coastlines.

Cayce's prediction of the Great Lakes emptying into the Gulf of Mexico makes a whole lot more sense given the above information as well. As the northern pole areas "spring" up, the Lakes will tip down. The Chicago area and perhaps all of Michigan are in great danger of being inundated as well.

Mostly, people need not to panic. Earth's enemies are counting on widescale, planetary confusion, during which time they intend to take over. An informed and prepared populous is not in their plans.

People who understand the energy field we live in, hopefully, will continue to try to moderate the feelings of panic running thru the world during this time of economic crisis (kinda makes a lot more sense as to why to obscenely rich and powerful are trying to amass as much wealth as possible -- they need to fortify their fortresses ;)

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