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Cigarette Addiction INCREDIBLY Strong

We've asked this question before: why don't we make more effort to break our bad habits? A new study of 154 smokers who had surgery to remove early stage lung cancer shows that half of them STARTED SMOKING AGAIN within 12 months of their operation, and more than one-third were smoking again after a year. 60% of the patients who started smoking again picked up a cigarette within two months of surgery.

Researcher Mark S. Walker says, "These patients are all addicted, so you cannot assume they will easily change their behavior simply because they have dodged this particular bullet. Their choices are driven by insidious cravings for nicotine."

The investigators found that the smokers who were the last to give up their cigarettes?some on the same day as their operation?were also the first to start smoking again. The ones who were able to hold out the longest were the ones who were most likely not to be smoking in a year's time.

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