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Chimp Depravity

Animals can be as depraved as humans--they can even watch porn. When Gina, a female chimpanzee at the Seville Zoo in Spain, was given a TV set, she began to watch pornography almost constantly.

In the Huffington Post reports an Australian news site as saying, "Maybe Gina needs to get out more."

Folks who DO get out more often meet the Visitors! Anne Strieber has interviewed 23 of these "contactees," just for our subscribers, who tell their incredible stories in THEIR OWN WORDS!

Hmm, interesting.

Aside from the slightly tongue in cheek aspect of this story, I am troubled by the possibility that another species may find me sexually appealing.

Should there be a mass escape of the infamous Bonobo Chimps from the local Zoo, I for one, will certainly not be venturing out until the randy little buggers are rounded up.

There definitely IS sexual attraction between species. A pet shop owner once told us that the way to buy a successful parrot (a species in which both sexes have the same coloration) is to step up close to the cage and the birds that come towards you will be of the opposite sex!

I wonder if cross species attraction is sexual. Perhaps we are misinterpreting an attraction toward a particular auric radiance.

This can be understood by the times that one has been attracted to another by an overwhelming sense of radiant appeal, whilst devoid of any sexual feelings at all.

One can't help wonder if Mr Strieber's account of the radiant Woman who demonstrated embarrassment at his instant attraction is a similar reaction to Parrots in a cage being charmed by a Human of the opposite sex.

The more I consider it, the more it makes sense. Should we consider that other species may see our auric bodies as they are.? This is all extremely interesting.

And I was thinking that they had porno movies featuring monkeys--Gina watched HUMAN porn? Maybe a male chimp would watch football games on Sundays. I wonder if our taxes paid for this nonsense study.

That's really cool about the parrots. Our female cat plays manipulation games between my wife and I--but that's just like a woman anyway

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