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Can GM Foods Modify US?

Most of the corn sold in the US, even in health food stores, is genetically-modified (GM), and is engineered to produce its own toxic pesticide. When insects attack it, the toxin from the plant splits open their stomachs and kills them. Will eating it harm us?

On the Against the Grain website, Jeffrey M. Smith writes: "Even inhaled Bt-toxin from pollen may be dangerous. In 2003, during the time when an adjacent Bt cornfield was pollinating, virtually an entire Filipino village of about 100 people was stricken by a disease. The symptoms included headaches, dizziness, extreme stomach pain, vomiting, chest pains, fever, and allergies, as well as respiratory, intestinal, and skin reactions. The symptoms appeared first in those living closest to the field, and then progressed to others by proximity. When the same corn was planted in four other villages the following year, the symptoms returned in each location--only during the time of pollination."

About 73% of the corn grown in the United States is genetically-modified, such as corn plants that produce Bt-toxin, as well as Roundup Ready or Liberty Link varieties, which are not killed by Roundup or Liberty herbicides. However, Chickens fed Liberty Link corn died at twice the rate of those fed natural corn.

Thank goodness Popcorn is NOT genetically engineered, nor is blue or red corn.

Would it take a miracle to transform this substance into something safe to eat? Corn is a carb, so while popcorn is recommended in Anne Strieber's famous diet book, corn is not. Want to know what you SHOULD be eating in order to lose weight? Download it today, while the price is still reduced from $5 to just $3!

Popcorn, and blue corn or red corn are not genetically modified? However once genetic alteration gets into the pollen then all corn has the potential to be genetically modified.. Genetic pollution spreads.

This is what happened to soy.

Its also true that the bacteria used to produce BT, can infect gut bacteria, causing some people to begin producing BT in their gut. And finally in case you haven't noticed there is a significant rise in severe food allergies, in children, and intestinal track problems in adults..

Diseases, like IGG, and IGA food allergies, land leaky gut sydndrome are sky rocketing, along with Histaminosis.

Also GMO foods have been linked to weight gain due to the bodies inflamatory response to them.

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