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Evolution May Not Keep Up With Climate Change

If climate change accelerates, can animals and plants evolve quickly enough to keep up with it? Climate changes profoundly influenced the rise and fall of six distinct, successive waves of mammal species diversity in North America over the last 65 million years.

The Science Daily website quotes evolutionary biologist Christine Janis as saying, "Although we've always known in a general way that mammals respond to climatic change over time, there has been controversy as to whether this can be demonstrated in a quantitative fashion. We show that the rise and fall of these faunas is indeed correlated with climatic change--the rise or fall of global paleotemperatures--and also influenced by other more local perturbations such as immigration events."

By "immigration events," Janis means situations where one species, driven out of its territory by heat, cold, drought or floods (which can all be attributed to climate change).

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This site is a goldmine! I am going through some of the old (2004) dreamland interviews and they are superb. Some totally awesome things about the historical Jesus, the soul and what not. 2005 are next! Whitley is a truthseeker if there evar was one! I've bought some of the books mentioned in the interviews too cause it is so darn interesting.

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