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Can Brain Implants Stop School Shootings, Or Are They Causing Them?

In the wake of yet more bloodshed in our educational establishments during the past few weeks, a chilling map has been created that illustrates the full extent of the school shooting phenomena in the United States.
The map shows a grim reality: that since the Sandy Hook Massacre in December 2012, a startling total of 74 other shootings associated with schools and colleges have taken place across the U.S..

The map includes any form of incident in which a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on school or campus grounds, including homicides, suicides, and accidents, as defined by the Everytown for Gun Safety (EGS) network in its February 2014 Analysis of School Shootings report.

The map was created by Huffington Post journalist Mark Gongloff using the EGS data, which was compiled using news reports available in the public domain. It highlights that multiple shootings have occurred in Atlanta, Georgia; Grambling, Louisiana; Savannah, Georgia; Jackson, Tennessee, Roswell, New Mexico; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Augusta, Georgia. Even more disturbingly, the E.G.S. data suggests that there have been an average of 1.37 school shootings for every school week since December 2012.

After one of the most recent shootings, in which a student and the shooter were killed at a school in Troutdale Oregon, President Obama admitted that there was a vital need to address this issue:

“My biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage,” he said.

In a society where guns are easily available, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands is no easy task. So, what else can be done?

In San Francisco, which has itself seen a recent shooting in which six Santa Barbara students were killed by a disturbed 20-year-old man, University of California President Janet Napolitano has revealed that the university plans to lead research to develop an implantable device designed to alter negative thinking in the brains of the mentally ill.

A team at U.C. San Francisco has received a massive federal grant to explore the potential of an implantable device that could "re-train" the brains of those suffering from severe forms of mental health disorders.

"Having spent part of this week down at UC Santa Barbara that pursuing mental health (problems) seems more pressing than ever,'' Napolitano said at a recent New York Times sponsored "Health For Tomorrow'' conference at UCSF Mission Bay campus.The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA), has awarded sizeable contracts to U.C.S.F and also Massachusetts Hospital to create electrical brain implants capable of treating seven psychiatric conditions, including addiction, depression, and borderline personality disorder.

The contracts have been awarded as part of Obama's BRAIN initiative, a brain-mapping program launched by the White House last year with the intention of revolutionizing our understanding of the human mind and to uncover new ways to treat, prevent, and cure brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury.

The U.S. is facing an epidemic of mental illness in all citizens, particularly amongst veterans who have suicide rates three or four times that of the general public. So far, traditional methods of drugs and counselling have had limited effects, so the military are pursuing the idea of neurological devices that can re-program the brain, says Justin Sanchez, manager of the DARPA program, known as Subnets, for Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies.

“We want to understand the brain networks [in] neuropsychiatric illness, develop technology to measure them, and then do precision signaling to the brain,” says Sanchez. “It’s something completely different and new. These devices don’t yet exist.”

Or do they?

A team at Stanford University have created implants the size of a grain of rice that respond to external stimuli. There has previously been no safe way of wirelessly transmitting power through human flesh, so previous implants have typically contained a large battery, rendering them too large to embed deep within the body. Now, Ada Poon and her team at Stanford have created rice-grain size implants that can be embedded directly into the heart to function as a pacemaker, or attached to a nerve bundle, and which respond to a new method of wireless transmission known as "mid field powering".

This type of power uses radio waves operating between near-field (tens of gigahertz) and far-field (tens of megahertz). In a Goldilocks-type scenario, near-field waves can penetrate human flesh but only over a short distance; far-field waves transfer power further but tend to scatter or become absorbed, whereas mid-field power is "just right", penetrating flesh yet maintaining focus.

There are those who suggest that this type of nano-technology is already in use and responsible for the wave of shootings across the United States. Of course, this falls into "conspiracy theory" territory, but during a recent interview conducted by Press TV with lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre about the escalating problem of gun violence in the United States, Webre claims that a long-standing CIA program exists which produces manipulated subjects known as Manchurian Candidate shooters. These shooters are apparently specially chosen individuals who are controlled by the use of implanted nanotechnologies, developed from experiments conducted by Doctor Jose Delgado at Yale University.

Not surprisingly, Webre's testimony has been widely discredited and solid evidence to prove his claims is unlikely to be forthcoming but, whether they are used to prompt or avoid mass shootings, these implants already appear to be a scientific reality.Another undeniable reality is that school shootings are on the increase and, whether these are due merely to poor diet and modern lifestyles leading to depressive tendencies, or something far more sinister, both a cause and solution needs to be found before attending school becomes a higher-risk occupation than military service.

Share your views with us here at The Edge of The World, where we report what's "out there" and leave you to draw your own conclusions. The truth is an elusive beast; all we can do is assimilate the available evidence then create our own version of reality in this enigmatic universe that we currently call home.

Implants are extremely well developed technology in the Black Budget Projects arena. Taking into account that they are decades ahead of what is known in the public data base I would speculate that we have implanted the 5 Taliban prisoners sent back to Qatar. Thats what I would do if I had the power and the authority. So small and we can see exactly where they go. Might even be able to hear their conversations too. Fortunately for us the bad guys do not have the means to detect these tiny implants without dissecting the 5 old Taliban men. In my opinion the President did the right thing. Most Americans who dislike him are looking for the slightest thing to tear him down. As for all the school shootings, there is no easy fix. A radical idea that I like is to make law that to reproduce, the couple needs to apply for Birth Permit. Only after proving they are fit and financial sound are they given a Permit to have a baby. No more single mom families, no more raising a kid with the TV or video games occupying most of their time while mom is out working 1 or 2 jobs to pay the bills. Perhaps a class on how to raise a mentally healthy child should be part of the Permit process. This would eliminate a huge number of potential nar do wells from sucking resources from our society. We now spend as much if not more on prisons than schooling. The percentage of fatherless ( men need to be held accountable too ) families is unsustainable and must be stopped. Within twenty yrs we will see a huge difference in children going out and shooting up the schools. In many video games killing your fellow man who get in your way is reenforced, instead of teaching how to figure out a peaceful solution. To enforce un permitted pregnancies, it is a bit unsettling, but a reward could be offered or set up pheromone ( that indicate a prey. woman ) detectors at grocery stores and the like. Sounds bad I know but radical problems require radical solutions. This would save money on welfare, food stamps, prisons, and all the other services given to underemployed poor folks. This I believe would help bring back a healthy middle class which is what make America so great. Please do not let the middle class lose more ground. Our country is becoming a have and have not state in which the rich wall off their prime estates to not have to look at all of the others who are struggling.

Let's keep in persepctive the elitist formula for getting things done: Problem, Reaction Solution.

How do we get people to buy into getting "chipped" - create a problem - "oh, school shottings are runing rampant"; reaction "oh US Gov, do something, please"; Solution - a mass of microchipped cattle that are now subject to G-d knows what kind of influences.

Education, talk, debate and spirtual awareness - these are the tools that are needed to deal with this and many other crisies. It's the tools we were given at the beginning and they are our own true salvation. Open and frank discusions about mental health, responsbile gun ownership and proper child rearing in this country are needed - not chips.

I had at first thought of a drug, but, I recently read about "voice to skull" technology. I had forgotten about it and was surprised to learn this was available in the 1970's. So, there has been enough time to fine hone this technique, pick out and study a person and their families. If you had voices in your head "plain as day" and it was non-stop, what would you do to get rid of it? Do as it says, I guess.

I also remember during the Iraq invasion after 911, a portion was shown where the Iraqis put down their weapons and held their hands up in surrender. It was mentioned during this episode that it was new technology.

If this is involved during all these shootings, it would also explain why the "perp" ended being shot or committed suicide.

And, taking this technology a step further, all these sounds over the world that Linda Howe has been investigating, how just a few heard them. As loud as they seem to be, you would think neighbors would hear them, too. So, this has to be directed at one or more people to be heard.

Some school shootings are gang wars that don't happen during school hours. Huffpo is not exactly unbiased. Another side of the story:

WOW "Tenacious D" went straight to George Orwell for his solution. as for the implants killing machines... PROOF. there's plenty of proof of alien implants being in people who behave normally and ZERO proof to back up ANY conspiracy from the CIA or any other domestic agency. There's no need for wild speculation nor extravagant claims. when kids are inculcated into a shoot the SOB NRA BS culture then what the hell do you expect? (NRA members have supported mental hygiene checks before gun purchases by +80% for years but National says it'll lead to communism) We have a society that is more violent than any in the world concerning domestic killing. No, the problem isn't implants or any other Boogieman.... ITS US.

I have to wonder if DARPA has a deeper and darker purpose with implants to facilitate healing of mental illnesses-- or is it that they want to create specific mind control to make better soldiers. I realize I am reaching into conspiracy theory, but I have my reasons. Being a former military member and having a licensed c.c., those of us legally carrying have background checks before being issued licenses. So, where do we begin to find the solution when there is an unknown variable involved? I have to hope that we would search until someone finds the real answer and help each other along the way. The Human race, flawed or not, does not deserve to be enslaved by a government or extraterrestrial race. I have heard it put that the answer was right in front of you all along. The collective implosion is from within and those of us that can soldier on and make things right should.

Unknown in WV: I resent your blaming of honest citizens for the irrational actions of drugged up hormone filled youths. All of your assertions are false, and since you have provided no evidence, they can be refuted easily by an unsupported assertion as well. You are another idiot, enamored of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and condemning the innocent. It is not the "NRA Culture" that gives psychotropic drugs to children, or forces them the play violent games. The US is not the most domestically violent country on earth, far from it....You might want to post your name, so we know who you are.

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