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A Bra That Diagnoses Cancer

If you don't have time to get a mammogram, let the mammogram come to you: Starting in 2013, you can wear a bra that will warn of breast cancer tumors in their first stage of development.

Almost 23% of all cancer patients worldwide are women who have a form of breast cancer.

Here's how it works: It has a device sewen into the inside of the bra that assesses unusual spikes in breast tissue temperature.

I have old breast implants (22 years old) and would NEVER subject my breasts to a traditional mammography and have been using heat thermography every year what detects delicate changes in breast temperatures (tumore for a blood supply that creates heat)

According articles I've read, statistically women who wear bras get breast cancer far more often than women who don't. For one thing the lymphatic circulation is compressed and cut off.

So, why wear that kind of bra? when it could cause the very thing it's supposed to test for?

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