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Boston Bomber's Last Tweet After the Bombing: "I'm a stress-free kind of guy."

The website Buzz Feed has released a report that appears to reveal the Twitter account of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He went by the nickname Johar, and continued to tweet after the bombing. One tweet showed one of the most heart-rending images from the bombing, that of a man who had just discovered his fiancee's body and was bending over it in anguish. The tweet reads "This deserves endless retweets." This horrific tweet, which on the surface seems to reflect anger and concern, would appear to be an indication that this could be a terrorist act that goes beyond the actions of two twisted and arrogant young men. The reason is that a primary objective of terrorists is to spread fear, and this particular tweet shows knowledge of terrorism techniques of a kind that is taught in terrorism training by organizations like Al Qaeda.

Another tweet posted before the bombing reads,  "i didn't become a lifeguard just to chill and get paid, i do it for the people, saving lives brings me joy." His final tweet, posted on April 15 after the bombing says, "I'm a stress free kind of guy."

For the story on Buzzfeed, click here.

The image is from his Twitter profile picture.

If these reports are accurate, this is indeed a very troubled world with a bleak future. Brainwashed religious fanatics appear hell-bent on embracing the fires of hell.

None of us will be surprised if it transpires they have strong links to a certain religion. These people need to get over themselves. A hard days graft, would kill these d**kheads.

I cycled to work this morning along pitch dark lanes, at 04.30, with a Leopard and Mountain Lion on the loose around here, puckering all the way, and have done this for two years, just to earn a crust.

When I see heavily funded self-styled 'martyrs' wreak misery and suffering around the world, I sometimes want to throw in the towel myself. Soul destroying stuff.

All this too, on the 70th anniversary of the world's first consciously induced LSD trip (19th April 1943, Switzerland).

Pax Lux Lucia.

His father and aunt believes he was framed and blackwater mercinaries were photographed at the scene wearing earbuds and carrying backpacks. Hmm.

Will we ever learn what actually happened?

Will we ever learn what actually happened?

To the writer of this story: it appears you've already got this young man tried and convicted without a hearing. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Shame on you... I hope for better from this website.

Am I the only one who interprets this article as pointing out way more inconsistencies than anything else? The other comments on this article don't make much sense. Either my reading comprehension skills are lousy, or I am understanding that the author is stating there are some very strange inconsistencies present.

The link from the original stories the UC posts have always been displayed at the bottom of the story.

>a man who had just discovered his fiancee's body and was bending over it in anguish<

Snopes covered the accuracy of misleading news very well. The man was a total stranger to the victim.


From my perspective this article is just complete silliness. Most likely IF these are the two who were hunted down ruthlessly, they are merely patsies... anyone remember JFK and Oswald? I feel compassion for EVERYONE who is being victimized by this more-than-obvious False Flag event. Meanwhile, this has been just one helluva great distraction away from the fact that Obama and Bush have been indicted as war criminals by a bipartisan effort in congress.

From my blog: Breaking info: The indictment for Nuremberg-type war crimes is on... finally, some members of congress have grown a spine and ***real*** balls. In a bipartisan attack, they have brought an INDICTMENT against the those who have claimed to be US presidents.

Thanks to Steve Pieczenik for bringing this forward: The Unintended Consequences of the Boston Massacre: ~

Some homework for tonight's post, don't be fooled by the HEADLINES, look below. Please read ~

I am deeply saddened that Unknown Country has jumped on the guilty BEFORE trial band wagon. There is no way of knowing with certainty whether these two brothers were involved in this horrific crime without a thorough investigation, yet you have joined ranks with Drudge Report, Huffington Post, CNN, etc and declared these men guilty before that has been able to take place. With all due respect to you, I have to cry foul on this one.

Yes, saying bomber rather than alleged bomber or bombing suspect is not correct. News sites, such as cnn have learned that lesson and are doing it properly. They have many employees and check wording, though mistakes still get through. I will give unknowncountry, with its limited resources, a break on this.

I am also giving this break because there are many reports with videos and eyewitnesses available to justify calling them bombers. I doubt that news sites are purposely lying about these reports, though they have proven over time to uncritically repeat official sources too often.

If we are to assess sources equally, then the conspiracy and false flag sites fail miserably. I looked at the pictures on prison planet and see nothing inconsistent with security at a large event. Undercover security, bomb squads and fbi are expected to be available at these events, and in a big city like Boston, they are probably stationed there. And, in the aftermath, there will be confusion in which things like a bleacher will be checked for more bombs.

To jump from these pictures to a false flag theory is paranoid and delusional at best, or calculated incitement in order to generate web traffic or worse. At least that is how I consider it. Sorry if this disrespects and conflicts with your views.

After years of following sites such as prisonplanet, projectcamelot, and coasttocoastam, I now treat most of their material as entertainment on the level of scary camp fire stories. I sleep easier and without detrimental effects that they warn about.

In the meantime, the real dangers are plainly reported and acknowledged by all. We are under constantly surveillance. A city is locked down and militarized. Miranda rights are deemed unnecessary. Fear about the danger is spread through the community to where residents are cheering these actions.

Perhaps I would react similarly if it were my community. BTW, I lived in the Boston area for 3 years and worked at MIT. I feel for my colleagues and friends there. Nevertheless, I would hope that we can react to such events with less fear while maintaining freedom and privacy. Still, I acknowledge that I don't have the solutions.

I agree with you Tom Bogan.

I agree with you Tom Bogan.

I agree with Tom. If anything, the Tweets raise more questions as to the real involvement of this young man. I am very disappointed in the lack of questioning in the column above and the blind acceptance of the HORRIBLE reporting we have seen. It is only now buried in news reports that the two brothers did NOT rob the convenience store as was previously widely reported, for example. We do not have all the facts. We have some facts and we have a huge amount of interpretation of supposed facts and we gave very poor reporting. I listened to Richard Dolan's radio show tonight and he raised these issues and more. We need to THINK and reason and hope to find facts and truth. We supposedly have a nation of laws and justice-- no one should be tried and convicted by the media and public outrage.

Just after the first shootout was over, I saw footage of the older brother in custody and walking and then getting into a police car. Usually the media shows footage of these kind of events repeatedly, but I never saw this footage again. This footage did not square with the reports that he was run over. I do not recall any of the media as having seen his body. Could his death be a cover story and if so where was he taken?

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