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Booms Again!

There has been a surprising outburst of booming sounds in many US communities lately.

In Columbia County, Georgia, some people said they were so loud that they woke them up at night. On ABC News, Michael Miller quotes Pam Tucker, director of the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency as saying it's been loud booms and rumbling, and "now we're hearing about pictures being moved on walls.

"I'm concerned because we do have a lot of credible people who are telling me these things. Law enforcement, fire, county employees, citizens, all of who are credible because they are people I know, people who go through our training. You don't have clusters of people that are all telling you the same thing and it's not happening. Something is making those loud booms, what it is, I don't know."

One man said his house shook, and when he walked outside, his driveway had new cracks in it. There have also been reports of loud booms in Arizona, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Texas.

Could these booms have anything to do with UFOs? Whitley knows that they're here and he has since the beginning. He came up with a solution to who and what they are.

A recent guest on Red Ice Radio discussed a theory that the Earth/Moon gravity plume is shifting, resulting in these booms. A most interesting hypothesis and certainly the most accessible theory to date in my opinion.

I had read about these booms, but had never heard them until Wednesday night, March 13, 2013 about 3 a.m. I was woken up out of a sound sleep totally terrified! At first I thought someone had broken in to my house. The wall between my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom shook and the u.v. light on my toothbrush lit up like a Christmas tree! It felt like some kind of energy was in the room and I felt helpless. I got up and looked around the house and it was all quiet. I did not sleep the rest of that night

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