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Birds Dropping Dead Again, This Time in Canada

Once again, birds are mysteriously dropping out of the sky dead, and, as always, the media treats it as if this continuing mystery is happening for the first time. This time, the mystery is unfolding in Winnepeg, Manitoba in Canada. Roughly 40 dread grackles were collected last Wednesday and given to the province's chief veterinarian. 20 more were found on the roof of a building, most dead and others in death throes. An initial examination of the birds' stomach contents did not reveal anything abnormal, and further toxicology tests are being undertaken at this time.

In 2012, thousands of dead birds were reported in California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Missouri. Hundreds more dead birds were discovered in Italy, and dozens of birds fell from the sky in Sweden. Massive fish kills were reported in Brazil and New Zealand, while England experienced an estimated 40,000 dead crabs washing onto its beaches and thousands of dead fish washed up in Chesapeake Bay. 

None of these incidents were ever explained. It is to be hoped that Canadian authorities will eventually release a report explaining what happened to the birds in Winnipeg.

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I live in Winnipeg and about 2 nights before this bird kill around 12:30 am i was sitting on my balcony when i heard a low, rumbling ,whirring sound coming from the sky. The sky had been overcast a bit a little earlier but had cleared when i heard this. Hmmm...

hmmm ... indeed. Did it 'feel' like it was a natural phenomenon or man-made? Maybe someone is practicing on the birds (and or other animals in varying environments) before they use it on other things -- like airplanes. I know its an extreme thought. It cld be a natural occurrence as well . . . I think birds are much more able than most earth beings to travel between worlds. Perhaps they were trying to escape something somewhere else and didnt quite make it.

I guess the lack of attention paid to it by the mainstream media tends to make me think cover-up. I wld think they wld want to exploit it to promote hysteria and fear if they weren't concerned too much focus on it wld turn up a less than kosher cause.

This sound was so deep i could feel it "through" me,like the bass was turned right up. The sound itself lasted maybe 30 seconds. I was surprised when no one came out to check what sounded like it was right above our group of buildings.

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