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Bin-Laden Killing: Everything We Were Told is a Lie

When our brave Navy SEALS captured Osama bin-Laden, who turned out to be hidden in plain sight in the vicinity of a military academy in Pakistan, many of us in the US began to wonder if Pakistan is really a US ally, and whether the Pakistani military or covert agents--or both--actually knew his whereabouts all along.

US security analyst Raelynn Hillhouse says Osama's address was given to our military when a Pakistani intelligence officer came forward to claim the $25 bounty on his head. This contradicts the official version, which says that bin-Laden was tracked through his courier to the house where he had been living for 5 years. In the Telegraph, Rob Crilly quotes Hillhouse as saying, "The (ISI) officer came forward to claim the substantial reward and to broker US citizenship for his family."

And who was paying the Pakistani's to hide bin-Laden? The Saudis! According to Hillhouse, "My sources tell me that the informant claimed that the Saudis were paying off the Pakistani military and intelligence (ISI) to essentially shelter and keep bin Laden under house arrest in Abbottabad, a city with such a high concentration of military that I'm told (has) no equivalent in the US." Some residents of the city later said they had received mysterious visits the night before the raid, warning them to stay inside with their lights off.

Pakistani officials have always denied that Pakistan had any part in hiding bin-Laden or any knowledge about the secret mission that killed him. But Hillhouse claims that Pakistan gave the US permission for the covert mission, which would then be covered up by claiming bin-Laden had been killed in a drone strike (for some reason, this version never ended up being used).

Crilly quotes Hillhouse as saying, "The co-operation was why there were no troops in Abottabad. It had always seemed very far-fetched to me that a helicopter could crash and later be destroyed in an area with such high military concentration without the Pakistanis noticing."

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Why would a former spy, smuggler and novelists account about Bin Laden be any more truthful than the official story? Of course Pakistan knew exactly where he was, and we know that.

If you understood the nuances of intel ops you'd understand why the Paks had to claim ignorance and as for the Saudi's bribing people to hide him theres a shock! the War on Terror (sham that it is) will never be won until the cash cows are sacrificed on the altar of Humanities Greater Good.

No one should ever argue about this topic. We know nothing about it. For all we know, the entire story on this topic over the past ten years has been a facade. Just because things are reported on the news does not make them true. The intuition has to guide in these times, and my intuition tells me this is all bunk, designed to steer opinions and manipulate people's minds. The fact is: We just do NOT know. We witness nothing. We only listen to reports of truth or fiction. A waste of energy to even discuss it when no one knows what's really going on. Building 7 came down without having even been hit by a plane; the lease holder, Silverstein I think his name is, stated on national TV that the building was "pulled." But the "truth" as it's sold to us is that none of that matters. It came down due to a couple floors being on fire. And people by the millions apparently believe that without question.

Well, whatever the actualities of the whole 'story', I said to colleagues at the time news broke of the killing that it'd be worth keeping our eyes open for a crash or incident involving the deaths of Navy seals and, voila!

I imagine that the whole business is sealed forever now.

Interestingly, at 06.17 this morning, I was lying in bed listening to Coast (internet via domestic transmitter) on my clock radio, when my PC suddenly rebooted for no reason. Ian Punnet was just introducing the author Howard Wasdin (Navy Seal Team Six) and I was looking forward to hearing Howard's feedback on the latest crash.

Why the reboot just as Howard was about to speak? Yes, probably coincidence but a fascinating one, nonetheless. You decide.

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