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Big Breasted Women Have Higher I.Q.s

Forget the "blonde" jokes--it turns out that big-breasted women have higher I.Q.s. Yes, a recent study of over a thousand women revealed that those with larger breasts score about 10 points higher on an I.Q. test than their flatter-chested sisters. In, Terrence Aym writes that "Society has also depicted women such as glamour queens and sex-goddesses Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell as sexy, but dumb. Yet all who knew them personally attested the three were very smart women."

Larger breasts have a natural appeal for men, and sociologists believe that this may be instinctual, since it would mean that their children would be smarter (although we can get along without brains if we have to).

Some people may be able to get along without brains, but WE can't get along without MORE help from our friends, so do the right thing: subscribe today (it costs less than a latte a WEEK)--and come see some nice curvy women in Nashville in June! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

Lol! My I.Q. is off the charts!!!

Happy April Fool's Day, guys!

I have noticed a couple of things that intrigue me. 1)Women with big breasts actually tend to act more masculine than women with modest ones. 2)Women obsess over their physical appearance including their breasts, but act offended if a man does more than glance at them. Perhaps you as a full-figured woman can explain these paradoxes to one perplexed and frustrated man.

From Brilliant. Oh how I wanted to believe.

Cood that bee troo? I be a size 28AAA, and Iyam insulated!

Not really...:-)

Both are positive survival traits, and so I'll say, I'm guessing its still true (April fools or no). And As my wife will tell you ... It takes more brains than you'ld think to keep Hubby thinking he's smarter than you. ; ) Blessings, BB.

Or on the otherhand, and this is true,
Brunettes Beat Blondes in special (top level) Chess Match.

Ha! Good one, Whitley. Almost had me there, and then I thought I should check the date!

This is still one of the funniest blips I've come across lately. I do have to share the fact that my husband forgot about April Fools' Day when he saw the article. His remark was "I knew that all along. I married you didn't I."
Sadly, most of the large breasted women I've encountered were not the brightest stars in the sky. Maybe it's hormonal. Could be excessive estrogen has a detrimental effect on brain cells. Gentlemen, if you find a lady who's naturally well-endowed AND smart, marry her immediately.

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