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Bad Things Happen in August

And you thought you could relax this month? In the August 8th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Andrew Roberts writes, "What is it about the month of August? Why should we still persist in regarding it as a quiet time--with Congress in recess, business slowed down, and people on holiday--when so many world-historical events take place in this month?" Is it the copycat effect? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

It's a major month for war, and he lists some of the conflicts that began in August: World War I (August 4, 1914) Hitler invaded Poland (August 31st, 1939) Bombs dropped on Hiroshima (August, 1945) Vietnam War began (August, 1964) Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, August , 1968) Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein (August, 1990)

Other August conflicts: The Berlin Wall was built in August, 1961 and Nelson Mandela was arrested in August, 1962. China's Cultural Revolution began in August of 1966.

Did the invaders think that their opponents would be caught napping? Roberts has a theory about this. He writes: "(An) explanation might be that principal political decision-makers often take vacations in August, leaving less competent lieutenants in control." For instance, "When Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev went on holiday in August, 1991, he found that the people he left behind in Moscow were so incompetent that they failed to detect a full-scale coup growing."

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Well, Anne and Whitley. AUGUST COULD be shaping up to be another eventful month. (PERHAPS A GOOD THING).Thanks for this report and I will try not to have any other comments for a while. It's just there has been so much in the news lately, so much to think about and events that I want to comment on. Thank you again.

This week, the nuns will pray together and discuss a range of options for the future, from accepting the Vatican's mandate to starting a new organization independent of the church's control.

US priests reportedly behind Vatican crackdown on nuns

Sanders said the nuns are expected to announce their decision at a press conference Friday afternoon.

.....No matter what the women religious decide in St. Louis, Hanna says she believes a new Catholic Church is being formed.....

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