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An Astronaut Speaks Out About UFOs

Astronauts have seen UFOs on the moon, and astronomers have noticed unusual features about objects passing between the earth and the moon, features which have never been made public.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who is now 80, feels that an alien presence may be here, but that it is being held secret for religious and perhaps military reasons. He was the sixth man to walk upon the moon, and even though he didn't see any extraterrestrials there, what he DID experience there has formed his subsequent theories about who the visitors are. Mitchell is one of the people who wrote a "blurb" for the cover of Whitley's new book "Solving the Communion Enigma."

In the January 30th edition of the Examiner, Larry Lowe writes, "From Edgar Mitchell's perspective, the best minds of our civilization are not thinking comprehensively. Until they are, we as a species won't likely get where evolution beckons us.

"His goal is correcting what he sees as a flaw in man's approach to thinking induced in the 17th century. This mistake placed western scientific thinking within a box of materialist context. That, in turn, precludes complete understanding of the laws of the universe."

According to Lowe, Mitchell believes that we are still stuck in a "Faustian" bargain with the Church, which we first made in the 17th century. He writes, "The philosophical dividing line left consciousness exclusive to religion in exchange for science getting the freedom to investigate everything else. Science got chemistry, physics, mathematics, geology, biology and other disciplines which have shaped western technological civilization. The church got spirits, miracles, prayer and an unseen presence that oversees everything.

"The catch-22 is that while you cannot understand everything scientifically until you take consciousness into account, if you are a scientist you can't take consciousness into account."

But quantum physics has changed all that (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Lowe continues: "Integrating consciousness into the theory of everything would go a long way towards explaining a range of so-called 'paranormal' occurrences, spoon-bending, telepathy, precognition, the apparent teleportation of objects and similar phenomena described in Mitchell's book 'The Way of the Explorer.'"

Lowe sums up Mitchell's thinking this way: "The tantalizing prospect that understanding how the ephemeral awareness of consciousness interacts with classical and quantum physics might lead to an explanation of the fantastic and unbelievable behavior of certain observable phenomena that are lumped into the category of UFOs."

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This is an article written by one person about another person who somehow gleaned information from Edgar Mitchell, with other unconnected information woven in.
Why am I reading this again? What is the message? From whos' perspective? Who is on first?

Science will accept anything that can be proven. So someone needs to prove we have a soul. Then we will get science from beings with a soul (they are aware of), and we will certainly treat nature differently. I think the religions has done a terrible job of guiding humans regarding their soul. But we all do Our best I guess. Scientists spend all their time looking for answers, the religions spend all their time claiming they have got them. I think Edgar Mitchell has a point, it would have been good if someone had proven we have a soul back in the dark ages.

Science won't accept anything that can be proven. It will only accept things that can be proven according to an established method that isn't actually comprehensive enough to be successfully applied to all phenomena.That's the core of the problem. We thought that Edgar Mitchell's comments in this interview were particularly trenchant, which is why we published this brief digest of it.

That may indeed be true, and I meant they need to figure out how to prove things like aliens, spirits, souls true. This will require new equipment, new ways of thinking about reality or something. The scientists at Skinwalker Ranch failed but still experienced a lot of paranormal really wild things. They just couldn't capture/document it. So it ended up as a book (without pictures) instead of as a scientific paper in Nature. The other day I wrote an email to a scientist from an norwegian article "why aren't they coming?" because I was chocked that they said (basicly): "well the universe should be full of life so where are they?". He replied that he some years ago had read a book explaining the UFO phenomenon as happening in the brain or similar. These young, openminded, very very intelligent scientists don't (I fear) know about this site, abduction stories, missing time, "Communion" or "The Key" and if they should evar venture into these subjects they have no way of telling good from bad with all the madeup/conspiracy/fake stuff that is mixed in nowadays (fx. on Youtube). It is most likely that allmost all scientists will live their hole life without knowing about these subjects, because they have to raise kids, attend conferences, lecture, develop theories, read papers, guide students, raise money (in US), write papers etc. etc. Right now they don't know all the cases about missing time, abductions, aliens, human souls so they are not curious so they don't develop theories and methods for detection, and so there isn't much research so there is no articles in Nature spreading the information about all these extraordinary experiences happening. I told him that it is like 2 separate worlds, science and UFO's, and gave him a link to this site.

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