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March 2014

Does Ancient Cuneiform Tablet Prove That Noah's Ark Really Existed?

Does Ancient Cuneiform Tablet Prove That Noah's Ark Really Existed?

A new film portraying the Biblical legend of Noah's Ark has incurred the wrath of devout Christians for not faithfully representing the story as it is outlined in the Good Book. Whether the film is an accurate portrayal of the fable or not, it has prompted further discussion regarding the truth behind the ancient tale.

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Weekender: Biodegradable Biomedical Implants - ET-Style Technology Here on Earth?

As the latest biomedical devices are unveiled, it appears that medical research recently taken a step into the realms of science fiction.

A team of researchers have developed biodegradable, implantable batteries that can deliver internal treatments or monitor bodily tissues, but which are then gradually re-absorbed after use.
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Flight MH370 - Is Sealed Evidence Being Concealed From The Public?

The most recent news relating to the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 is that it now lies at the bottom of the south Indian Ocean, off the coast of Perth, Australia.

Satellite pictures appear to show objects floating in the sea in the region where plane is thought to have come down.

The pictures, which were...
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De-Extinction: Could Dinosaurs Ever Walk the Earth Again?

Extinction forms a natural part of the cycle of life. Around 50 million species currently exist on our planet but scientific research has indicated that, since life evolved on Earth, between 1 and 4 billion species could have blossomed into being only to die out and ultimately become extinct.
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Is Earth's Core Heating Up? Too Little is Known

Billions of dollars are invested yearly for the purpose of space exploration, as navigating the galaxy is almost an obsessive preoccupation for the human race. Yet very little is known about the vast majority of our own planet: the internal mass of the Earth is immense yet, for the most part, the contents of inner Earth still remain a mystery...
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Unknowncountry Weekender: Daydreaming can Make You More Intelligent

Daydreamers have historically been regarded as disconnected, apathetic, lazy individuals with a lack of focus.
Some studies, including a 2010 study conducted at Harvard, state that "a wandering mind is an unhappy mind, and have concluded that daydreamers are unhappy souls who must retreat into the safety of their minds to avoid the...
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Science Develops Method of Communicating with Animals

In recent years, researchers have been exploring methods of interacting with animals in an attempt to understand how they really feel about their lives.

Dr. Ian Duncan, emeritus chair in animal welfare at the University of Guelph, Canada, claims to have developed a system that allows him to ask questions of and receive answers from...
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Rapid Ice Loss Renders Greenland Ice Sheet Unstable

An international team of scientists has discovered that the last remaining stable portion of the Greenland ice sheet is stable no more.

The finding, which will likely boost estimates of expected global sea level rise in the future, appears in the March 16 issue of the journal Nature Climate
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UFO Reports in Canada Increase Dramatically

With a total population of around 35 million people spread across a massive area of 9,984,670 km², (3,511,003 sq miles) Canada is one of the least populated countries on earth. In many parts, it is wild, remote and uncharted.

Could this be one of the factors that has recently turned it into a UFO hotspot?

Numbers of...
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Scientists Warn of Major Earthquake Risk Off Californian Coast

 Los Angeleans were given an unexpected alarm call from Mother Nature on Monday morning as an earthquake shook the city at around 6.25am.

The earthquake was initially graded at 4.7 on the Richter scale, but this reading was reduced to 4.4 a short time later.The areas bearing the brunt of the shaking were Santa Monica, Beverly...
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Dr Roger Leir Dies

Implant pioneer Dr. Roger Leir died on Friday, March 14, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife and daughter. He was the author of the Aliens and the Scalpel, UFO Crash in Brazil, Casebook Alien Implants, Chopped Liver and three other books published outside the United States, including Implantes Alienegenas published in Portuguese in...
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A Dire Warning: the Disappearance of Flight 370 May Be the Beginning of a Terror Attack, Not the End

In his latest Journal entry, Whitley Strieber warns that the preponderance of evidence suggests that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked, and that the plane is probably still intact and on the ground somewhere, and, if so, represents the greatest...
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Dreamland Special on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

This week, Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe present a special on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. They cover other unexplained aircraft disappearances as well as the latest news about Flight 370. The special is presented in the first fifteen minutes of Dreamland. To go to the Dreamland page,...
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Unknowncountry Weekender: Does the Horrible Weather Herald a New Ice Age?

This winter's weather broke or equaled snowfall and low temperature records across the United States, and led to epochal flooding in the United Kingdom where the government, working on the theory that climate change isn't happening, had over the previous 5 years cancelled 45 flood control projects. So what DID happen, and does the event qualify as...
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Scientists Scan Brain During Woman's OBE--With Surprising Results

A psychology graduate student at the University of Ottawa says that she is able to leave her body at will, and has now done this while under a brain scan. It's clear from the results that OBE is a special state, not a normal state of drowsiness, self-hypnosis or imagination. While her sleep quality was somewhat lower than normal, she had a...
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Terror Threat Received Days Before Flight MH370 Went Missing

Information just made available by China Airlines has indicated that Beijing International Airport received a terror threat just a few days before the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 went missing.

The identity of the terrorist is still unknown but he declared an affiliation with the East Turkestan Liberation Organisation....
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Missing Plane Latest: All Was Well Minutes Before Disappearance

It has just been revealed at a news conference in Beijing that the last communication from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, received just minutes before it disappeared, suggested that all was normal onboard.

Malaysian authorities have released details of the last message received by Malaysian air traffic control from...
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The Missing Plane: The Pentagon Says it Didn't Explode

According to a New York Times report, The Pentagon said today that a system it uses to detect the flashes of explosions around the world did not detect any such flash anywhere in the region on the night that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared.

The Malaysian military has denied that its radars tracked the missing...
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Still Unexplained: The Mysterious Marfa Lights of Texas

Since 1833, strange orbs of light have been sighted over the Texan town of Marfa.
Numerous explanations have been put forward to explain the yellow-orange glowing luminous objects but, to date, no viable cause has been determined.

The first recorded witness, Robert Reed Ellison, saw the lights one night whilst herding cattle...
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Flight 370 Cellphones Ring but are Hung Up or Go Unanswered

Some relatives of survivors are reporting that their loved ones phones are ringing, then apparently being hung up. If this is correct, then the plane may be down somewhere but under the control of somebody who does not want the passengers communicating. If the plane is under water, it's extremely unlikely that any cellphones onboard would still be...
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Fukushima: Are the Official Reports Correct?

It has come to light that readings taken at the Fukushima atomic power plant last year were incorrect, indicating figures that "significantly undercounted" radiation levels.

The news has undermined confidence in the information released by the company so far, and many are asking if the world is being given the facts...
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Weekender: Enigmas of the Universe - a Journey Into Dark Matter and Dark Energy

As Man probes ever deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, his search seems to yield more questions than answers. Some of the most mysterious phenomena discovered in space are dark matter and dark energy.

Approximately 80 per cent of the mass in known Universe is made up of "dark matter," a strange and intangible...
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New Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists Are More Rational Than Conventionalists

Conspiracy theorists are often referred to as crazy "cranks," or "crackpots," and the more outlandish their theories the more rigorously they are derided. The truth can often be stranger than fiction, however, so the pursuit of the truth should be a laudable endeavor and not something to be ridiculed or scoffed at.
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Close Encounter: Massive Apollo-Class Asteroid Set to Skim Past Earth Tonight

Astronomers are warning us that asteroid 2014 DX110 is on target to hurtle between the Earth and the Moon on Wednesday, passing close to our planet at a distance of just 217,000 miles (350,000km).

At 98ft (30m), 2014 DX110 is a relatively large object belonging to the Apollo class asteroid group, a class of Earth-crossing objects...
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Is Fukushima Causing Birth Defects in US Infants?

A mysterious cluster of unexplained birth defects is baffling health officials in a corner of Washington state.

A higher than average number of babies are being born with anencephaly, a severe birth defect in which children are born with part of their brain and skull missing. It is normally a rare condition, so when 23 cases were...
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Monsanto Linked to Deaths of Thousands of Farmers

Farmers in developing countries are dying in their thousands from a mysterious kidney disorder, which has been termed as "Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology" (CKDu).

The disease is running rife through farmers from the rice paddy regions of Sri Lanka, and in El Salavdor, it is the second leading cause of death among...
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