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January 2014

Weekender: Can Science Locate "Adam", the Earth's First Man?

According to the Bible, the first human man ever to walk the Earth was Adam, created by God and partnered by his female counterpart Eve. Norse mythology shares a similar concept of a deity-created man and woman, though in Norse legend the planet's first couple are entitled Ask and Embla.

Regardless of his given name, the world's...
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Scientists Can Now Make Stem Cells "To Order"

Research into regenerative medicine is an area where significant progress continues to be made, and the latest breakthrough has been heralded as a "major scientific discovery."

Two recent studies published on Wednesday in the journal Nature outline a ground-breaking new method of creating stem cells merely by dipping blood...
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Scientists Reveal That The Plague Could Return

An international team of scientists has discovered that two of the world’s most devastating plagues – the plague of Justinian and the Black Death, each responsible for killing as many as half the people in Europe—were caused by distinct strains of the same pathogen, one that faded out on its own, the other leading to worldwide...
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Spy Agencies Exploit Smartphone Apps in Trawl for Personal Information

It seems that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)have become extremely inventive in their unending search for personal information.

Top secret documents have revealed that Smartphone apps transmitting user details across the internet are now providing a wealth of sensitive...
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Will Future Wars be Fought by 3D Printed Robots?

These days, it appears that there are few things that Man can do, that a machine could not do as well, or even better. This apparently includes engaging in warfare.

Certainly, defense is an area where no expense is spared in developing the latest technology and improving performance, but sometimes constructing advanced weaponry can...
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Weekender:The Power of Sound

Because we cannot see it, the power of sound is often overlooked; it is an intangible entity, difficult to imagine it as a force in its own right.
Yet, for those of us lucky enough to be able to hear, sound is all around us constantly, having an insidious, often imperceptible, effect on our behavior, moods and reactions. Sound can soothe...
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Scientists Declare "Life May Be Universal"

The romantic notion of "stardust" has inspired authors, poets and song-writers for decades, leading to a dictionary definition that describes it as "a magical or charismatic quality or feeling."

Despite its enchanting reputation, this seemingly mystical substance is not merely confined to the imagination but is a...
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Scientists Finally Capture Authentic Ball Lightning

For centuries, ball lightning has captured the imagination of witnesses and defied scientific explanation, but now Chinese scientists have managed, by sheer chance, to capture an example of the mysterious lights on camera.

The image was actually obtained in 2012, in the Qinghai region of China, by researchers observing lightning...
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Ice Age Could Be Imminent As Sun Falls Silent

As if we needed any more factors to influence our already unpredictable weather, scientists are now concerned about the lack of activity on the sun, which appears to have diminished significantly.

The periodic changes in the sun's activity, such as changes in levels of solar radiation, coronal mass ejections and solar flares, are...
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Can Spirituality Change Our Brain and Prevent Depression?

A recent study has indicated that the practice of regular spiritual activity can help alleviate and protect against depression.

The study, which was published online by JAMA Psychiatry, showed that a thickening of the brain cortex was associated with regular meditation or other spiritual or religious practice, and could be the reason...
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Anne Strieber's Martin Luther King Day Message

Back in 2007, Anne Strieber published a diary called "Race." It's a subject that's very important to her, and she has requested that we publish a link to it today, in honor of the memory of Martin Luther King. To read 'Race,' click here.
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Weekender: Exoplanets & Waterworlds - Alien Life Now Ten Times More Likely

With ever improving technology, astronomers are now able to explore the furthest reaches of our universe, mapping the continuing expansion of dark matter and detecting light from far-flung planets beyond our solar system.
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Have Scientists Determined the Exact Dimensions of the Universe?

A team of scientists from Washington believe that they have managed to establish the exact size of the universe to within 1 per cent accuracy.

In a remarkable development, the researchers, who were working with the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), have been able to measure the distances to galaxies that are over 6...
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Gone too FARS? News Of US-Alien-Hitler Liaison Causes Media Flurry

The world's media has been left bemused by bizarre allegations of alien global domination, purported to have been sourced from notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Alleged UFO hoaxer “Sorcha Faal” published on his website,, a report that NSA Leaker Edward...
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Coffee May Aid Memory and Prevent Depression

For some, it’s the tradition of steeping tealeaves to brew the perfect cup of tea. For others, it’s the morning shuffle to a coffee maker for a hot jolt of java. Then there are those who like their wake up with the kind of snap and a fizz usually found in a carbonated beverage.
Regardless of the routine, the consumption of...
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Scientists Can Affect Brain Responses Using Ultrasound Waves

Scientists have discovered that ultrasound directed to a specific areas of the brain can enhance sensory awareness and perception in the brain.

Most people are familiar with the use of ultrasound scanners as devices that utilise high frequency sound waves to create images of internal organs. This technology has now been adapted by...
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Weekender:Fukushima - The Real Story

There can be no doubt that the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan was one of the worst in history, rivalled only by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia in 1986. The damage to the power station was caused by a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11th, 2011, and the Japanese authorities have struggled to...
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Scientists Find a Way to Fast-track Production of Fossil Fuels

The search for a viable alternative to fossil fuels has been ongoing for many years. Our oil reserves are not unlimited, and the question of "what to do when the oil runs out" has been hanging in the air like exhaust fumes from a diesel engine.

Consequently, the search for new and innovative ways to create biofuels is an...
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Huge Solar Flare Erupts from Largest Sunspot for Ten Years

On Tuesday, the sun's first major solar flare of the year emerged from a massive sunspot on the surface of our favourite star, known as AR1944 and described by NASA as "one of the largest sunspots seen in the last 10 years."
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A Tweet In Time: Are Time Travelers Writing Precognitive Posts On Twitter?

The quest to find those who have come back from the future all started over a poker game.

Astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff and his students were playing cards (for chips) last summer, chatting about Facebook. They wondered: If there were time travelers among us, would they be on social media? How would you find them? Could you Google...
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Global Warming: Could it be causing sub-zero temperatures and flooding across the planet?

The term "global warming" suggests that we can expect temperatures across the planet to become increasingly hotter with every passing year.

Australia's blazing hot weather certainly broke all records during 2013, with summer and winter temperatures that were 1.2C above the long term average. In its annual report, the...
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Scientists Claim Threat Of Supervolcano Eruption Greater Than Previously Thought

A recent study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, indicated that the risk of a "Supervolcano" eruption could be between 10 to 100 times more likely than previously thought.

Scientists originally assumed that seismic activity was necessary to crack open the earth's crust and trigger a supervolcano eruption, but...
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More Severe Storms Worldwide

The eastern half of the United States and parts of Canada have been assaulted by a severe snow storm which has left 16 people dead.

The snow storm, named as "Hercules", left some areas buried under two feet of snow and was so severe that both the governors of New York and New Jersey had to declare states of emergency....
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Is the Western U.S becoming a UFO "hotspot?"

The Californian skies held more than fireworks on New Year's Eve, as multiple UFO sightings were reported across the state.

From Placer County across to the Hollywood Hills, eye-witnesses have come forward with accounts of glowing lights and mysterious objects darting across the night skies.

Kaye Pinlac, from Stockton,...
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Unexplained Bird deaths Continue Across the U.S.A.

Unknown Country has previously reported unexplained mass extinction-style events occurring in fish and other marine life (see Rivers of Death and Silent Seas), but the phenomenon also appears to be spreading to our bird life.

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