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July 2013

Russian Documents Reveal Many Underwater UFO Events

John Greenewald's "Black Vault" site reports that the Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters UFOs. These are thousands of records, dating back to the Soviet era, and reveal that unknowns were mostly reported by submarines and military ships, rather than by aircraft, because they were seen entering and leaving the...
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Enigmatic Voynich Manuscript Not a Hoax

For years, the scholarly establishment has dismissed the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, carbon dated last year to the 15th Century, as a hoax designed to deceive early book collectors, but...
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'Green Slime' Powers Building

A new apartment complex in Germany is intentionally growing an algae farm on its facade, in order to power the building. The hope to use the green slime to produce the building's heat, as well as cool the building. It's a new definition of "green!"

Will we see more green buildings in the future? In the April 25th edition of...
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Major UFO Flap Across Northern US

The National UFO Reporting Center received 90 UFO reports on July 4. Some were probably fireworks, others sky lanterns, but at least 50 of the descriptions provided by witnesses suggest possible unknowns. Descriptions such as "12 large bright red spheres line up low in the sky and travel slowly across the Midnight sky towards Canada,"...
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Coastal Ocean Temperature Changes May Threaten Food Supply

Changes in coastal ocean temperatures have been much more extreme over the past 10 years than expected. This could especially affect California, which is a major breadbasket for the rest of the United States.

Researchers have also found that temperature determines...
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Flights Cancelled as Popocatepetl Gets more Active

The Popocatepetl near Mexico City has emitted more than a hundred explosive eruptions in the past 24 hours, causing American carriers to cancel flights in and out of the area.The ashes haven't reached Mexico City International Airport. But Delta, American Airlines and Alaska...
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Comet Ison might Dust Earth

Comet Ison is going to be one of the most dramatic cosmic spectacles in years, and NASA believes that some of the dust being ejected from its tail may end up on Earth. The comet is a sungrazer, which means that it is going to pass close to the sun, and the closer it gets the brighter it will become. Last January, NASA comet watchers...
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Menopause or MAN-O-Pause?

It turn out that what causes menopause in women is men. Men have a version of it too, but women are usually the ones with the annoying hot flashes. Although couples often have temperature disputes, for females menopause is part of the "...
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Unprecedented Hole Appears in Polar Ice

The thinning of the north polar cap has been a concern of scientists for years, but this summer it appears that the ice is thinning fastest at its center, right around the pole itself. This is unexpected and unprecedented and could lead to an ice-free arctic much sooner than expected. Most scientists did not expect such an event to take place for...
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Horror of Elephant Poaching Could End--Because of Cold War Radiation

The atomic bomb testing of the Cold War years may be long over, but it turns out that some unexpected good has come of the radiation they left behind: it may help put the poachers of elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns in jail, and stop this horrific illegal trade. The reason is that faint trace elements from the bomb tests have worked their way...
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Geoengineering via Chemtrails Becoming a Mainstream Proposal

For years, there has been an ongoing controversy about chemtrails. Are chemicals being sprayed into the upper atmosphere or not? Whatever you believe about what's happening behind the scenes, a number of public figures are proposing that massive amounts of chemicals be released into the upper atmosphere in order to cool the planet down. According...
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Babies Who See Parental Violence may become Violent Kids

Aggression in school-age children may be triggered when kids are 3 years old and younger and witness violence between their mothers and their partners. These kids tend to be more aggressive than other children their age.

Social worker Megan Holmes thinks it's more a case of experience. She says, “People may think children that...
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