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April 2013


Take a breathalyzer test to find out why you're fat--Take a spit test to find out why you're violent.

A new study indicates that a simple saliva test could be an effective tool in predicting violent behavior such as bullying, since there's a link between...
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Flowers Zap Bees

Flowers' methods of communicating are at least as sophisticated as any devised by an advertising agency, but for any advertisement to be successful, it has to reach, and be perceived by, its target audience. Pollinators such as bumblebees are able to find and distinguish electric signals given out by flowers.

Flowers often produce...
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Fat? Take a Breathalyzer Test

How much a person eats may be only one of many factors that determines weight gain. A recent study suggests that a breath test profile of microorganisms inhabiting the gut may be able to tell doctors how susceptible a person is to developing obesity.

How you tell if YOU'RE one of those unlucky people? Take a breathalyzer test!...
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