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March 2013

What the Government Knows About UFOs

We're all pretty sure that the government knows more about this than they're telling. In the Huffington Post, Lee Speigel lists some of the evidence: On Eleanor Roosevelt's...
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Size Counts (So Beware of Plastic)

Men's fertility could be threatened by chemicals in our environment--especially estrogenic plastics. Scientists examining dead otters in the UK for the last 20 years have noticed a decrease in penis bone weight (but not length).

Despite the slang term "boner," human males don't have a penis bone, but many other primates do...
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The Rat Patrol

It's shocking enough to see a rat scurrying across your kitchen floor, but what if that "rat" was REALLY a remote-controlled spy? And even better, what if it wasn't a robot disguised as a rat, but a REAL rodent, being operated from a distance by remote control?

At a...
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Was There Ever Life on Mars?

An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes.

Scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon--some of the key chemical ingredients for life--in the powder Curiosity drilled out of a rock near an ancient stream bed there....
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Food Billboards Make You Fat

Billboards advertising fast food may inspire people to eat more, and thus gain weight. Advertisers are careful not to place billboards advertising cigarettes or liquor too close to schools, but fat people are everywhere, so there's no way to regulate these ads.

A team of researchers walked around Los Angeles and New Orleans, noting...
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Hear That Howling?

Around 2,000 coyotes live in Chicago and New York and their suburbs--and probably in the big city nearest to YOU as well. They were once restricted to the Southwest, but they've spread across the country in the last 100 years. When your backyard got too crowded, they...
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Smash It on Purpose

It's like a video game in the sky: A joint mission between Europe and the US plans to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid in order to prove that incoming space rocks can be knocked off their paths before they collide with Earth.

The Asteroid impact and Deflection Assessment mission (AIDA) will intercept the asteroid Didymos in 2022,...
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Saint Nix

Mother Teresa was no saint, at least according to new research. At a time when we're becoming disillusioned with our Catholic clergy, here's another blow to our beliefs.

Psychologists Serge Lariv...
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Drone Base to be Built in Africa

Drones are in our future: The US military is planning to open a drone base in Africa in order to gather intelligence on extremist groups in the area.

The immediate impetus for a drone base in the region is to provide surveillance assistance to the...
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Bee Venom Kills AIDS

A new study show that bee venom can kill the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While we don't recommend getting stung by bees as a preventative, this COULD be incorporated into a protective gel for women.

The secret is a toxin called melittin that's found in the venom.

In the Huffington Post, Cavan Sieczkowski quotes...
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Is There a Neanderthal in the House?

Bunions bothering you? How about lower back pain, or impacted wisdom teeth? As we humans evolved to walk on two legs, grow larger brains and shorter jaws, bear big babies and live longer, we’ve also experienced some negative consequences on our way to becoming the world's most...
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What if Women Ruled

What if more women were in leadership positions? Things still wouldn't be perfect, but things might be better: for one thing, we would probably have less war. Women often experience life differently, and that experience affects the way they see--and solve--...
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Mining Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has bored into a Martian rock and pulled out its first sample of the planet's insides to analyze. This could be the first step to mining Mars.

In New Scientist, Lisa Grossman quotes NASA's Louise Jandura as saying, "This is the only time anybody's drilled into Mars. Getting deeper into the rock allows us...
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End of the Gentle Giants

African forest elephants are being poached out of existence. A new study with of largest dataset on forest elephants ever compiled reveals a loss of more than 60% in the past decade, due to slaughtering them for their ivory tusks. The decline is documented throughout forest elephant's range in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic...
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What if Coal Didn't Pollute

We're desperately searching for new oil and gas (with fracking), but we have plenty of coal. China does too, but they use so much of it that their country is hopelessly polluted. If only we could find a way to burn coal without releasing carbon dioxide.

It may have happened. Researchers have just produced heat from coal for 203...
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Will the Next Pope be Black?

Africa is the continent where Catholicism is strongest, unlike Europe, where people are becoming more secular--even in Italy, home of the Vatican. The exiting Pope Benedict will have a lot of influence on who will be chosen to succeed him.
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We're Closer Than Ever to Becoming Invisible

Great strides are being made, when it comes to creating invisibility.

Baile Zhang, a scientist from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, caused his audience to gasp when he demonstrated the following experiment: He used a small box made of calcite optical crystal to bend light around an object, making anything placed behind...
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Don't Swat It--It May be a Spy

Why make tiny flying drones when you can fly REAL insects by remote-control? In 2006, DARPA asked US scientists to submit "innovative proposals to develop technology to create insect-cyborgs"--tiny flying robots that can perform surveillance in dangerous territory. One there...
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Chavez Death May Mean End of Castro Regime

The death of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez on March 5th may ALSO spell the end of Communism is Cuba, because Chavez supported the Castro regime in a way that Venezuela--itself having money problems--cannot really afford, and Chavez's replacement, probably Nicolás Maduro, may not be willing to do the same.

Venezuela sold Cuba...
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New Ice Age in Alaska

While most of the world is experiencing global warming, Alaska seems to be entering another ice age. Since 2000, temperatures in Alaska have dropped by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. When scientists looked at weather reports from 20 climate stations in that state that are operated by the National...
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Smoking Solution

The number of smokers has gone down--fewer than one in five adults now smoke in the US, which is about half as many smokers as there were 50 years ago. Despite this, cigarettes kill more than 400,000 Americans every year. But the solution is at hand: make nicotine less addictive.

Most of us don't realize it, but the Family Smoking...
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Comet Aiming for Mars

Will life on Mars go the way of the dinosaurs before we have a chance to discover it? Incoming Comet C213/A1, discovered on January 1st, is expected by some astronomers to pass within 28,000 miles of Marsin 2014. But cometary trajectories change, and an impact is not impossible, although NASA estimates that the object will pass Mars at a distance...
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Need Something? Print It!

Three-dimensional manufacturing is making something out of practically nothing. People are buying these printers at a rapid rate--one New York outlet that sells 3-D printers sold 15,000 of them last year.

But it won't be that way for long: When "three-dimensional assemblers" become practical, they will be able to replicate...
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Tracking Fukushima Fish

If radiation from Fukushima is detectable in fish, scientists can use it to trace the routes of the many sea creatures, from tuna to sharks to turtles, that make long journeys across the open seas.
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Biblical Plague

A plague of locusts of Biblical size has hit Egypt, causing severe crop damage throughout the country and leading Israel to put its croplands under watch. As small as it is, Israel is a major...
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China Thinks We're Born With Our Brains

Americans tend to think that our IQ is a combination of the genes we were born with and the way we were educated, but the Chinese think that at least half of the variation in intelligence quotient, or IQ, is inherited. The average person's IQ is 100. The average Nobel laureate's...
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The Legacy of Sandy

The areas hit by Hurricane Sandy have mostly been rebuilt, but there is one dangerous problem still lurking there: MOLD. It's erupting in...
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Discovery of a Secret Chamber

A secret chamber, which was hidden for 400 years and may have been used by early Masons, has just been discovered in the UK. The room is about 6 feet high, with 6 feet by 5 feet of floor space, and...
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Will the Two Koreas Ever Reunite?

North Korea's third nuclear test is a good time for China to re-evaluate its longstanding alliance with the Kim dynasty. If China wants to increase its profitable alliance with US, it should press for the reunification of Korea.

In the February 28th edition of the Financial Times, Deng Yuwen writes: "A relationship between...
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Facebook Can Be a Pain in the Neck

In today’s technology-thirsty society, it’s rare to not see someone with their head down texting on their cell phone or reading the latest status updates on Facebook.

However, too much texting and tilting your head down can become a pain in the neck for some people. An excessive amount of leaning your head forward and...
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