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November 2012

What's in a (Movie) Name?

Names identify who we are (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). We all try to be careful not to give our kids ...
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8 to 10 Million Experience Sandy-Related Power Failures

Hurricane Sandy is weakening and moving faster than anticipated. A computer model developed by an engineer at The Johns Hopkins University is now predicting fewer power outages than initially expected. Seth Guikema is predicting that an overall cumulative total of 8...
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Who Steals Art?

There have been some major art thefts from museums lately and when this happens, the public often thinks back to films like "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "How to Steal a Million," where sophisticated thieves rappel down through skylights to make off with incredibly valuable art. But the reality is not nearly so glamorous....
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Mood Food

A new study has discovered that our mood for food can be changed by a restaurant’s choice of music and lighting, leading to increased satisfaction and REDUCED calorie intake (NOTE: The PRICE has now been reduced too!) Can't afford a restaurant?...
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Not Yet Ready for the Road

Having a hard time parallel parking? Press a button on a touch screen and let the car park itself. This isn't just a dream, but a reality--that really could happen in the...
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