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November 2012

Why Pills Don't Always Work

Medicines can kill, but sometimes they don't work. All medicine is tested, but often the RESULTS of these tests are kept secret from the doctors who prescribe them--the people who need to know the most.
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YOU May be an Addict

But I don't drink too much or take drugs, you say, so how could that be? But you may have a very common addiction--to bread.

CBS News quotes cardiologist William Davis as saying that modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison."

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Music Changes the Brain

Lots of things change the brain (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), and one of these is music. At a time when school budgets are...
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A Bra That Diagnoses Cancer

If you don't have time to get a mammogram, let the mammogram come to you: Starting in 2013, you can wear a bra that will warn of breast cancer tumors in their first stage of...
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How the Moon was Made

When astronauts brought back moon rocks, scientists discovered they were similar to the rocks here on Earth, meaning that the moon must be the result of an impact that knocked a piece of the Earth into orbit. The isotope match is too close to support the theory that the moon could have been made partly of material from another planet.
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Exercise Alone Won't Do It

Heart disease, diabetes and obesity have reached record levels in the West, and most people assume this is because our lifestyles are so different from our early ancestors, who don't seem to have had any of these problems. Since...
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Closed windows Make People Dumb

Researchers have found that moderately high indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) can significantly impair people's decision-making performance. These results have implications for schools and office buildings with high occupant density and windows that do not open. They may also have implications for ALL of us, if climate change causes...
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Germs That Heal Instead of Hurt

Germs can be dangerous or benign, but now scientists are discovering ways that they can help...
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Want to Join a Band? Print Yourself a Guitar

We've told you about printed pets, printed robots, printed meat, and even a...
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Free for Subscribers!

The best things in life are--well, you know. And we have good news for you: New subscribers who subscribe for one year will get a FREE tote bag, and if you...
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Prescriptions Can Kill

Drugs don’t' always heal: More Americans now die each year from prescription drug overdoses than from cocaine, heroin and other illegal...
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What Your Breath Reveals

Do you have bad breath? It may not be because you ate too much garlic, it may be because you're SICK. It's one of the main indicators of gum disease, but bad breath has a more serious side too.

If your breath smells like nitric oxide, you could have asthma. If it smells like carbon, you could have stomach ulcers. Doctors can...
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Discovery of a Planet That May Support Life

Astronomers have discovered another potentially habitable planet--that's 7 times the mass of Earth. Six planets orbit dwarf star HD 40307g, and one of them is believed have the potential to support human life.

The planet seems to be rotating on its own axis, instead of having one face permanently turned toward its sun, meaning it has...
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UFOs on Dangerous Ground

Neighboring rivals China and India, who are having border disputes ranging from the exile of the Dalai Lama from Tibet to India to trade deficits, are now being swarmed by UFOs--all along that contentious border. Over 100 UFOs have been seen there recently.
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When Animals Speak to US

We know that animals talk to EACH OTHER, but lately, they've started talking to US (and they're speaking our language as well!)

Elephants can communicate with each other, using sounds too high-...
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Weaponized DNA Could be Assassination Tool

When it comes to war, guns and tanks (and even drones?) may soon be a thing of the past. Modern warfare (...
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Deadly Diseases Spread by Commerce

The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil, but it actually may be the root of all DISEASE, because new diseases are being spread by commerce (NOTE:...
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Use Your Body as a Computer

Why just WEAR your computer, when you can BE your computer? Why tote a laptop around? You need a computer that pops up on your hand!

Microsoft's video-game controller KINECT registers a user's intentions from his gestures to give you what you want, when you want it--...
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Combinations That Work

Some foods just seem to go together naturally, like red wine and steak, soda and hamburgers, pickles and pastrami sandwiches, chocolate cake and milk (or coffee!). Researchers are studying our taste buds to try to figure out why.

One theory...
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Your Intelligence Depends on Who's Listening

Social factors can have a powerful effect on our intelligence. Most of us feel intelligent and amusing when talking to a particular person and feel dumb and inarticulate when talking to someone else.

In the October 7th edition of the New York Times, Annie Murphy Paul quotes psychologist Joshua Aronson as saying that we shouldn't...
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Wild Animals in Your Backyard

There are WILD animals lurking in hidden places in manicured suburbs. This year, Princeton, New Jersey hired sharpshooters to cull 250 deer from the town's herd of 550 at a cost of almost $60,000.

Columbia, South Carolina is spending $1 million to get rid of beavers and their dams in their drainage systems. After a small dog had to...
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When a Star Screams

Ever heard a star scream? Astrophysicists have detected the oscillating signal that heralds the last gasps of a star being sucked up by a previously dormant supermassive black hole.

The "screams," scientifically known as "quasiperiodic oscillations," occurred steadily every 200 seconds, but occasionally...
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Careful What You Tweet!

Tweeting false information could put you in jail. During Superstorm Sandy, a Twitter user spread misinformation by tweeting that the New York Stock Exchange "is flooded under more...
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Whatever Happened to Compromise?

Most of us are really tired of the members of our Congress fighting like hummers instead of getting anything done.

We live in a world of extremes, which we cycle through: One extreme belief seems to dominate, until the opposing belief "wins," and then IT...
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When We Should--and Should NOT--Forgive

Forgiveness is good for the soul: In the Bible, Jesus told us (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show) to forgive our enemies. Forgiveness is...
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We Vote With Our Genes

Which candidate you vote for may depend more on your biological make-up than a careful analysis of issues, because the brains of self-identified Democrats and Republicans are hard-wired...
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Washington Under Water

If climate change continues, coastal cities may drown. Even our Capitol may eventually be under water!

Current trends and predicted increases suggest that our nation's capital is likely to face flooding and infrastructure damage in both the short-...
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Men, We'll Miss 'Em

You may not have noticed, but women are now on top. They're supporting their families during the recession, because they're more flexible--they're better at adapting to major changes in the economy and...
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Microorganisms Are Controlling Your Brain

The new science of evolutionary medicine asks the question: who (or WHAT) benefits when people show symptoms of a disease? Often, it's the microbes that are causing the disease in the first place. For instance, cold symptoms. When an infected person coughs or sneezes out some of the tiny organisms that are causing the problem, they are able to...
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We're Vulnerable to Germ Warfare

There are lots of attacks that don't involve bombs--or flying jets into buildings, as happened on 911 (NOTE: ...
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