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November 2012

Mayans Protest Doomsday Claims

As December 21st comes closer, the Mayans of Guatemala are speaking out against what some are calling a government- and tour business-led effort to profit off a major misinterpretation of their...
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Wifi Spy

Just because you're "borrowing" your neighbor's wifi signal because you don't have your own doesn't mean that the police can't subpoena your internet files without a search warrant.

The fourth amendment of the constitution protects us against unreasonable government searches when suspects have a reasonable expectation of...
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How Channelers' Brains Work

A new study of channelers has found that areas of the brain associated with language and activity close down when they are engaged in channeling. This means that the part of the brain that forms words is not in use during the channeling process, lending credibility to the notion that they are obtaining the words that they are speaking or writing...
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Discovery of a Homeless Planet

Lately, astronomers have been searching for life on the MOONS of planets, but they've also discovered a new planet--one that wandering through the galaxy "homeless," rather than orbiting around a star.

Researcher Jonathan Gagné says, "Over the...
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Grow New Body Parts

Medical miracles happen all the time--maybe someday soon, one of them will benefit YOU (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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How Much Has Hunting Affected Whales?

In order to know that, we need to know how many whales were in the oceans 200 years ago, BEFORE the industrial whaling era. One way to do this is to measure whale songs, but how can we listen to sounds that no longer exist?

Two researchers have managed to do that...
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Radioactive Fish in Japan

Fish caught in the waters around the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan could be too radioactive to eat for a decade, as samples show that radioactivity levels in that part of the ocean remain elevated and show little sign of coming down.

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What Do YOU Do in Bed?

More people than ever before are working from home and a lot of them are using their laptops in BED.

In a recent poll, half of 1,000 workers said they read or respond to work emails from bed. A British study of 329 workers found that nearly 1 in 5 of them spends two to 10 hours a week working from bed.

This is partly...
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Evolution: It's in Our Genes

Homo sapiens (modern humans) appeared approximately 180,000 years ago, but stayed in one location around bodies of water in central Africa for almost 100,000 years, before they dispersed throughout the rest of the world. This is why...
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A loud boom rang out on November 24th at midnight, near Fort Wayne, Indiana. It turns out that there have been reports of mysterious booms in that area for months, and so...
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Junkfood Countdown

A single junk food meal (which is composed mainly of saturated fat) is bad for the health of our arteries, while no damage occurs after eating a "Mediterranean" style meal, which is rich in good fats. In fact, this kind of meal may even have a POSITIVE effect on our arteries.

The results were established in 28 non-smoking...
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Can Bigfoot be Real?

A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study CONFIRMS the existence of a the hominin hybrid species living in North America that is commonly called "Bigfoot" or...
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Fracking May Release Radioactive Gas

We've heard good things and bad things about the method of extracting natural gas from shale that's known as "fracking."

Fracking not only uses chemicals that can contaminate...
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Party Drugs Used as Medicine

New research suggests that marijuana may help autistics (although they'd have to be old enough to smoke it!) and the party drug Ecstasy may help veterans with PTSD. Many of these medicines (like LSD) were originally developed to ease psychiatric symptoms.

MDMA, better known as Ecstasy, can induce pulses of euphoria and a radiating...
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Money Men are Movie Villains

Here's something to think about when you go to some of those holiday blockbusters (NOTE--Subscribers can still listen to this show): Movies COST lots of money, but they MAKE lots of money too--they'...
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Why We Evolved

There are lots of theories about what caused human evolution. Here's a new one: cooking!

When humans invented cooking, it increased the number of calories they consumed, since heat breaks down cellulose in plants, making them more digestible and releasing...
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What to Watch (and NOT to Watch) Before You Make That Long Drive

Don't set off for that long Thanksgiving holiday drive after watching a horror movie. People's driving behaviors can be subtly influenced by emotionally charged images, and research has shown that people often drive more recklessly after viewing an action movie and more cautiously after seeing a relaxing film.

In the November 20th...
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Why Do We Want So Much Stuff?

Capitalism would die if we didn't, but it doesn't do much for our spiritual life (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). As "Black Friday...
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NASA has a Major Mars Announcement Coming

NASA has announced that one of the instruments on the Curiosity Rover has sent back some extraordinary data, but the transmission is still being checked to make certain that it is not a fluke, and so far the space agency has not made an official statement about what the instrument has detected.

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Math Can be a Pain in the Brain

If you didn't do well in math, it may be because crunching numbers literally hurts your brain.

When neuroscientists look at a human brain under an fMRI machine, while they give them a math problem to do, the pain centers in some people's brains light up. In one such test, the parts of the brain that perceive pain and bodily threats...
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Navigating Through the TSA

The holidays will soon be here, and many of us will be traveling to see family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We've begun to dread those TSA lines that involve the...
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Don't Like Vegetables? Let Them Eat Cake!

Dessert is evolving from the traditional to the unexpected: Now it's often a good way to get your vegetables.

Today's pastry chefs are going beyond carrot cake, zucchini bread, and sweet potato pie when it comes to making desserts with vegetables.
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Unexploded Bombs Threaten Oil Rigs

BP was recently given a record fine for mistakes that caused a major oil leak in the Gulf. But there are other threats, besides CEO mistakes, lurking in the deep waters out there.

After World War II, the US government dumped their unexploded bombs into...
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Texas Tick Makes Meat Eating Dangerous

Meat lovers living in the central and southern regions of the country might be opting for a vegetarian lifestyle if meat comes with an unwanted side of a life-threatening allergic reaction. The Texas tick inhabiting these regions is the primary reason for a dangerous allergic...
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Searching for New Moons

You'd think that astronomers would be searching for new planets, but what they're REALLY interested in is MOONS. They suspect that if life really does exist elsewhere in the universe, the...
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Recurring UFO Taped in Denver

TV Station KDVR in Denver was given a video of a UFO by a local resident, who told them that he was taking the images on a regular basis in the area. The station sent its own cameraman to the location and was also able to record the object.
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Wheat Has its Own Pink Slime

We've reported on the "pink slime" that is sometimes added to hamburger meat. It turns out there's a kind of pink slime that can be added to wheat products as well!

It's called "whey protein...
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Facebook Fraud

There is a surprising amount of false information on Facebook. Some of it is advertising masquerading as social posts. Some of it is even political propaganda: For instance, during the election, a Facebook page that seemed to be from a hospital turned out to be an...
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Treats for Our Subscribers

Subscribers: You have a coupon that gets you a beautiful, hardcover copy of Whitley's wonderful novel Hybrids for only $5.

PLUS you get to listen to incredible interviews with contactees, such as...
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