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October 2012

The 2013 Crop Circle Calendar is Here!

And yes, despite all the warnings (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), there really IS going to be a 2013, and you...
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Bald is Good

If you have lemons, make lemonade. If you're a man whose hair is thinning, don't comb it over, go proudly bald BEFORE it happens naturally!

A recent study reveals that men with shaved heads...
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Predators Move Closer

Predators are being chased out of the countryside by suburban building and are moving into the cities, where they can prey on small pets. For instance, a coyote community has lived for at least six years less than a mile from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.. Science Daily quotes environmentalist Stan Gehrt as saying, "That's an...
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Cosmic Speed Limit

Scientists are still trying to break the cosmic speed limit that says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, even if it means bending the laws of physics. While they don't yet know if WE can do it, there's evidence that PARTICLES can move faster than...
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Why We're So Rude on the Internet

Most people join social networks like Facebook in order to MAKE friends, but in the process, they often end up LOSING them instead, because people tend to become surprisingly nasty to each other online, texting things they would never say to someone face to face.
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Blue Book Stopped Too Soon

Starting in the 1958, the Air Force's Project Blue Book investigated over 12,000 UFO sightings, before being closed down in 1969. More than 700 of these sightings were labeled as "unidentified."

Retired Col. Robert Friend was assigned to direct the project in order to determine whether UFOs were a national security threat...
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You Can be Controlled by Lasers

Will brain control (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) someday make us all obedient servants? In the quest to understand how the brain turns sensory input into behavior, scientists have used precisely-...
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Two About to Blow

An enormous magma dome is growing under the Greek Island of Santorini, while pressures are building inside Japan's Mt. Fuji. And things aren't so quiet right here in the US either!

A new survey suggests that the chamber of molten rock beneath Santorini's...
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New Discovery: Another Planet That May Harbor Life

A system of planets has been discovered in the constellation Cygnus orbiting a double star. It was not thought that this was possible, and planetary scientists are saying that it will lead to a complete revision of our understanding of how planets are formed. It means that they may be even more numerous than we thought, making life...
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How our Brains FEEL Metaphors

Our language and literature are so full of metaphors that we rarely notice them--but our BRAIN does. For instance, when a character's...
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Think You're a Woman? You May be Part Male!

Male DNA is commonly found in the brains of women, most likely derived from prior pregnancy with a male fetus. While the medical implications of male DNA and male cells in the brain are unknown, the harboring of genetic material and cells that were exchanged between fetus and mother during pregnancy has been linked to autoimmune diseases and...
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Burning Coal May Seal Our Doom

The US isn't the only country facing the coal conundrum, meaning we have plenty of coal, but don't want to burn it, because it causes pollution and climate change.

On, Charles Kennedy reports that the Australian state of Queensland could become the seventh...
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When Physicians and Vets Work Together

We catch diseases from animals (and they catch them from us), but this also means we sometimes share the same physical ailments.
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Arctic Melt Good News for Business

For the last 60 years, the Arctic has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the Earth, and some Asians business people are taking advantage of this fact. The thawing at the top of the globe gives access to incredible mineral wealth and drastically shorter shipping routes to the Atlantic through the now reopened...
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How Cat Colors Affect YOUR Genes

Figuring out how cat coloration comes about could help scientists understand our immune system's resistance to infectious diseases.

On, Joe Palca quotes researcher Stephen O'Brien as saying that they're trying to explain why "some cats are spotted, some cats...
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Wild Video Games Produce Reckless Drivers

Psychologists have long argued about whether or not video games are dangerous for kids, but thing's for sure: They're bad for their DRIVING skills. And with the majority of fatal auto accidents involving teens, this is not good news.

Teens who play mature-rated...
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Secret Spray

A team of investigative reporters has discovered that the government sprayed zinc cadmium sulfide on thousands of unsuspecting citizens who lived in a St. Louis housing project during the 1950s and 60s. While the Army admits it added a florescent substance to the compound, whether or not it was radioactive remains a secret.

On the...
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Junk Food Can Destroy Your Brain

Here's a scary new theory about Alzheimer's disease--it may be at least partly caused by eating "junk food." We now know that process food fumes can be dangerous to breathe, and here's further evidence that it's dangerous to eat as well.
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Twitter Can Detect Psychopaths

So if you're corresponding with someone online who uses certain words and phrases, cut off the contact--FAST! There are more of these folks around than you might suspect. This might also be something to pay...
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