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August 2012

Why We Have Curiosity About Mars

The new Mars rover was named Curiosity because it hopes to answer one of the greatest questions of modern man: Are we really Martians?

A few billion years ago, Mars may have been a planet...
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Why We Can't Win

When it comes to waging war on Afghanistan, we might as well turn around and go home. The British occupied that country from 1839 to 1842, and ended up going home with their tails between their legs, and it looks like we will too.

In the August 16th issue of the New York Review of Books, Rory Stewart writes: "The British 'Army...
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Our Olympic Athletes Should Go Bananas

Athletes: Forget the Human Growth Hormone--go BANANAS. In the past, we've told you that chocolate milk is a better energy builder for athletes than the sports drinks they imbibe. But now...
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Curiosity Lands on Mars

The Curiosity lander has successfully reached the surface of Mars and appears to be intact. Images began appearing at 10:40 PM PDT. Curiosity is the most complex automated space mission every attempted by mankind.

The craft's descent-stage retrorockets fired as it descended, slowing its approach to the surface. In the most difficult...
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Spy Drones Can Follow You Forever

The silent drone that may be tracking you can stay on the job forever. It's like a permanent closed circuit camera, except it's not mounted in the local liquor store but it's following you around. Is there any...
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Climate Skeptic Recants

Sometimes you think you know what's going on, but then discover that reality is completely different.

Dr. Richard Mueller, who has been supported by the conservative Koch Brothers on climate...
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New Cure: Zap the Brain

Drug research is changing: instead of pills, researchers are concentrating on "bioelectronics" that "zap" the brain into healing the body through electronic signaling. A lot this has to do with implants (NOTE:...
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Learn the Secret of Orenda

You may think you've read everything that Whitley Strieber has written, but you HAVEN'T, because his beautiful novel The Secret of Orenda, a thriller about a lost Indian tribe that remembers the secrets of the past, has never been...
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Asteroid Hunting

Asteroid impacts are rare, but they can cause incredible harm (look what one did to the dinosaurs!). In 1908, one of them flattened 800 square miles in the...
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Chimp Gestures

Biologists have discovered that wild chimpanzees communicate using similar gestures to humans (do they give researchers "the finger?") This will give linguists a clue as to how language evolved among humans.

Researcher Anna Roberts has identified 20 to 30 manual...
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Cheer Up!

Do you dread tomorrow? There are lots of things we can ingest can to cheer us up, and one of these is vitamin D. New...
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Think You Know About Aurora Massacre? You Don't!

In a dynamic new Insight, Jerry Mazza reveals that the alleged movie theater killer had ties to DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects...
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Bee Beauty

Some things never change. Bee stings have been used as medicine and beauty treatments since the days of ancient Egypt. Bee venom contains a compound which stimulates the body's production of collagen and elastin, which makes us look younger. It may even help prevent...
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The Bottom of the Earth is in Trouble Too

Greenland isn't the only place where glaciers are in trouble: While the TOP of the Earth is melting, the BOTTOM of the Earth--the Antarctic--is in trouble too. The polar regions are the most sensitive places...
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Fertility Drugs Produce Shorter Kids

Among children born full term, those conceived with the help of fertility drugs are slightly shorter than naturally conceived children but overall are physically healthy.

Researcher Tim Savage says, "Reassuringly, these children remained well within the normal height range for both their sex and age."
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