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August 2012

Who Was Hurt by Fukushima

The radiation in the air due to the Fukushima meltdown does not seem to have been high enough to effect human beings. But there is one species it has devastated: butterflies. Exposure to radioactive material released into the environment has caused mutations in butterflies found in Japan.

Two workers at the reactor were killed by the...
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Your Cell Phone is Keeping TRACK of You

You may think you're carrying a cell phone around in your pocket or purse, but what you're really carry is a GPS-emitting device that allows you to be tracked--not only where you go, but what you buy,...
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Obama Descended from America's First Slave

Barack Obama is descended from the first person ever enslaved in the American colonies--an indentured servant who attempted to escape his indenture and was then enslaved for life. Not only that, this ancestor is distaff--on his mother's side--the white side of his family.

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Whale Poop Saves the Ocean

Whales may sing in the shower, but when they poop, they drop huge turds which work with the ecology of the ocean, playing an enormous role in its nutrient and carbon cycles.

And as if there wasn't enough...
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Reservations About Restaurants

When you go to a restaurant, do you really know what you're getting? Restaurant insiders, such as cooks and waiters, warn us about a whole list of things, such as the fact that they often put sugar in kids' meals (even the pizza crust) and serve...
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Listen to Anne and Whitley on Internet Radio

Whitley and Anne Strieber were on Unicus Radio with Bob Stanley (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show and to this one too). To...
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Want to Reduce Crime? Plant Trees!

After the recent Colorado massacre, we ALL want to reduce violence, but we're divided about how to do it. Sociologists think that "greening" vacant lots may be associated with reductions in certain gun crimes (and it's certainly easier...
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Head Impacts Hinder Learning

Anyone who went to a large state university with a famous football team knows that there were often special courses given to the players. Many non-playing students tried to get into these classes, since they were rumored to be easier. Now a new study shows why...
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Ozone: Good and Bad

Ozone helps shield people, animals and crops from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Much of the concern about the ozone layer has focused on Antarctica, where a seasonal hole, or thinning, has been seen for two decades, and the Arctic, where a hole was observed last year. But those regions have almost no population.
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UN Calls US Ethanol Evil Corn

Evil Corn? They don't put it that way, but they HAVE called for an immediate suspension of government-mandated US ethanol production, saying that this is creating a worldwide food shortage. Corn (the main ingredient...
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What Tree Rings Reveal

Tree rings can tell you a lot: The Japanese have discovered that, in the late eighth century, the earth was hit by a mysterious blast of cosmic rays (NOTE:...
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Where Superstitions Come From

Most superstitions--like not letting a black cat cross your path--don't make sense, so why do so many of us repeat the same rituals over and over? It may have to do with evolution.
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Strange Formation on the Sun

A mysterious dark band has appeared on the surface of the sun that is almost 500 miles long and is getting bigger every day. Astrophysicists think it's a cluster of dense cold gas. The formation may look dark because it's so much colder than the surface of the sun.
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Are TSA X-rays Dangerous?

When it comes to the scan and the pat down, you should know that there are 244 full-body "backscatter" X-ray scanners in use at 36 airports in the United States. Other airports use millimeter wave scanners, which...
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Psychological Results of Recession

The US and Europe aren’t the only ones having a recession--Iceland is too. How does your behavior change when you discover that your money is no longer real? (NOTE:...
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Drought is the New Normal

The chronic drought that hit western North America from 2000 to 2004 left dying forests and depleted river basins in its wake and was the strongest in 800 years and it's still going on. Scientists have concluded that those conditions will become the "new normal...
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Many Countries Think Drugs Should be Legal

A recent international conference on drugs focused, for the first time in forty years, on the ways that the financial health, political stability, and national security of virtually every country in the Americas has been undermined by the drug trade.

For the first time, the leaders at the summit openly debated (although behind closed...
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You May Have a Magnet in Your Head

Do you always know what direction you're going in? Some people have implants (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but YOU may have a magnet in your head.

These have been found in the noses of...
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Bad Things Happen in August

And you thought you could relax this month? In the August 8th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Andrew Roberts writes, "What is it about the month of August? Why should we still persist in regarding it as a quiet time--with Congress in recess, business slowed down, and people on holiday--when so many world-historical events take place in...
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Not Secret Any More

We all know there are things they're not telling us (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but when it comes to the drones that will...
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The Five Second Rule

The hot dog that rolls off the plate, the baby’s cookie that falls on the floor, the candy bar that slides across the table--we're told we have five seconds to pick it up before it's contaminated. Is this true?

Researcher Jorge Parada says, "A dropped item is...
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Mars Curiosity Validated

If the Mars rover Curiosity finds carbon-based molecules in the Martian soil, researcher Gilbert Levin will feel vindicated, since he promulgated the theory that life on Earth was seeded by an asteroid from Mars 36 years ago.

A Titan/Centaur...
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Neanderthal Medicine

Researchers have provided the first molecular evidence that Neanderthals not only ate a range of cooked plant foods, but also understood its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Oetzi, he prehistoric "iceman" (who was not a Neanderthal),...
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Why We Like to Brag

We may not want to admit it (even to ourselves), but talking about ourselves gives us a "high." About 40% of everyday speech is devoted to telling others about what we feel or think, because it triggers the same parts of the brain as food and money. This is one of the secrets of being popular: Ask other people questions about themselves...
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Why You Do--or Do Not--Think Climate Change is Real

It's not just your furniture that effects your beliefs--when it comes to climate change, it's the weather where YOU are, so people who live in places where the climate is good...
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They're Singing Again

When oceanographer listened to the audio picked up by a recording device that spent a year in the icy waters off the east coast of Greenland, she was stunned at what she heard: whales singing a remarkable variety of songs nearly constantly for...
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Dead Seals--An Ominous Sign?

The flu can jump from animals to humans. A new strain of flu has emerged four times in the past 100 years. The one that emerged in 1918 killed 50 million people, which is why scientists watch these new flu strains so carefully.

Last fall, over 150 harbor...
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Instead of burying it or hoping our oceans will absorb it, why don't we just grab all that carbon dioxide out of the air?

A group of researchers think that a CO2...
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Why Olympic Athletes are Positive Thinkers

Exercise seems to be a "cure" for certain kinds of depression, and so along with a dose of fish oil, you may be able to throw away your pills.

And while some people "work up an appetite" when they exercise, so they eat MORE (which kills some of the reason for exercising in the first place), other people eat LESS,...
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Time to Get Dirty

We have a problem: We're just too clean! The rise in allergies and autoimmune diseases during the past few decades may be at least partly due to our lack of exposure to the microorganisms in dirt.

We once walked barefoot in the dirt and washed it off of our food. Now we...
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