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March 2012

Why Contact May Have Failed

Our Milky Way galaxy is so big and so old--it contains at least 100 billion planets--so aliens should have visited us by now (Whitley Strieber thinks THEY HAVE!) This is what's known as the Fermi Paradox.

In Discovery News, Ray Villard talks about science fiction writer Karl Schroeder,...
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Want to stay Young? Don't Plan Ahead

The ability to anticipate future events allows us to plan and exert control over our lives, but it may also contribute to stress-related increased risk for the diseases of aging.

In a study of 50 women, about half of them caring for relatives with dementia...
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Data From Japan Shows Big Quake Coming to West Coast of US

Scientists who are studying the Fukushima earthquake have uncovered data that predicts a "big one" in the Pacific Northwest, along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

The Fukushima quake was precipitated by what is called the "Tohoku area" of underwater plates. On the Weatherbug site, Sandi...
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The Problem With Clean Energy

Wind turbines seem to be the ideal solution to our energy problems, but they have a problem of their own: Shortages of small number of rare minerals could slow the future growth of this (and other) renewable energy industries, such as solar panels, electric car batteries and energy-...
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How Our Skin Knows When to Tan

What's on your calendar for the rest of 2012? Here's a question that those of use who are able to escape the cold by heading for warm beaches may ponder: How does our the skin know to start...
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