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February 2012

Bird Songs Reduce Crime

Police have discovered a way to cut crime: Play bird songs.

Crime has gone down in Lancaster, California ever since the mayor started playing nature sounds--bird chirps, the sound of running water--in the streets. Mayor R. Rex Parris...
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Predictions of the Feng Shui Masters

You may be depressed about the future, and Chinese Feng Shui masters are too. Feng Shui is part of everyday life in China, used to predict everything from the weather to stock prices to the best day for a funeral, and...
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Good News About Gum

Until we have instant learning, we'll still have to study for tests. Have an important final exam coming up? You'll do better if you chew gum! Psychologists conducted a study that showed that students who chewed gum for five minutes before taking a test did better on the...
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The Brave Quest for Biofuel

In their search for a low greenhouse gas emissions fuels, scientists have done a lot of embarrassing things: They have measured kangaroo farts and cow farts. Now they are collecting giraffe manure.

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